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  1. ProfessorFlora

    ProfessorFlora's Wilma LED Auto Photoperiod Showcase: First Journal

    Welcome one and all to my first journal. First off we have an auto grow that is about 2 weeks in and the 4 strains that are going to be showcased are at different stages due to 1 being a mutant which i didn't trust and another didn't pop. so 2 were replaced. There's about a week's difference...
  2. higherthehigh

    Seed starting for hydro? How?

    hello all! so iv already got 8 plants growing in 2 of my 4 wilma pot systems in clay pebbles, but when there 4 weeks into flower i want to start some new seeds under a 300cfl light, so when my plants get harvested at 8-9 weeks i can put my new 8 seeded plants straight into the wilma systems...
  3. D

    1st Grow Ever - Tent - Wilma - LED - Random Seeds

    Okay, so... I am new grower here, really like to learn more about growing in hydroponics. Setup 120x120x200 Mammoth Lite Tent WILMA 4x 11 Litre pots 3/4 full of Hydrocorn XL RAM Ultrasonic Humidifier 5 Litre Viparspectra LED 600W Seeds are gone through grinder and I have no idea what...
  4. Hugh Splith

    1 Strain - 4 Pots - 500 Grams

    This will be my 3rd attempt at growing bud. I had 6 plants in my last grow (see my last thread) and finished with a measly 16 grams of smoke worthy bud, but it was a 3 and half month crash course on growing for me and I learned a lot. This time around I have more confidence, knowledge and time...
  5. V

    Wilma root mod

    Hi, I wanted to mod my new Wilma for a hybrid system, do you think these holes are enough for the roots or should I make more or even carve out large pieces. Thanks.
  6. F

    Wanting to start with hydro - So I need some pointers/beginner advice - Atami Wilma?

    I am growing organic in soil for some time, semi-outside in a greenhouse on the balcony under LEDs. Ever since I am growing in soil I feel that I run into all sorts of issues, like water ph, soil ph, possibly overwatering and then nute deficiencies because of chocked roots etc... along with...