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  1. Verbalist

    DWC vs. Coco vs. Soil: Verbalist Comparison Grow, Critical 2.0 XL & Blackberry Kush

    :420: Verbalist ”Comparison grow” ~ Coco VS. Hydro VS. Soil ~ A quick introduction: Will be testing all three different ”standard growing mediums” with two different strains. Also this is my first actual grow using DWC, so a lot will be learned during this process. Also would like to thank...
  2. C

    Seedling curling downward: overwatering?

    I have a white widow autoflower that is currently 2 weeks in and showing odd signs of curling leaves downward. I am unsure what might be the issue -- I've read it could be over watering, or nitrogen toxicity; the yellow makes it look like Calcium deficiency but I am using the same water i have...
  3. BudznBrews

    Buds N Brews Girl Scout Cookies Auto Journal

    Bucket Size - 3 Gallon Medium - Fox Farms Coco Loco Lights - (2) VIPARSPECTRA P1000w Nutrients - Fox Farms Strain(s) - Girl Scout Cookies Auto from Crop King # of Plants: 5 (hopefully) Oh Hi, welcome to my first journal here. This will be my third grow overall in the past year. I’ve grown Blue...
  4. D

    Dried out coco

    Hey gromies, Week 7. I was unable to tend to my girls for the first time and so I didn't feed them during Lights of and the 1 plant had alot of droopy leaves. I have checked the coco and its is completely dry. I trimmed aloy of the big droopy fan leaves & I plan to water them in the morning...
  5. Curiousnoob

    Curious' Down Under Strawberry Jones Cookie Grow Adventure For April 21

    Been a while since these hands have been dirty, and this blue blood's eager to get growing! So if your passing by stop in and say G'day, pull up a chair, a cold stubbie and a sausage sanga and tell me what I'm doing wrong and how I can do it better! Updates will be at least weekly and all...
  6. JamesBong502

    Blue Planet Nutrients: Sponsored Journal

    Hello, and welcome to another one of my journals. I will let you know that you should drop your expectations at the door. This journal is going to be my home from now forward. This is where I’ll document anything new I try from mediums, to different equipment and techniques all while using blue...
  7. BeatleB77

    White Widow doing unusual things

    Hi all, I’m 4 weeks into flower of white widow and the leaves on the main have started reaching up for the light, I’m growing in coco for the first time and using cyco nutrients. The light is 4x55w t5 in a 80x80x160 tent with fan in, fan out and oscillating fan through the plant. Is this a...
  8. odinsmaster

    Aliens Took Over The Flower Room!

    This grow will be finished up dec 20th. Thought I would drop a short journal just for shit's and giggles. Strain: Alien Og Medium: Coco Lights: 6 timber grow light 3vl Nutes: Dutch pro Temps: 72f Im running 12 plants, 6 different cuts. Watering 3 times a day 1200 to 1500 ppm. Any...
  9. phiGweed

    Best nutrients to use with Fox Farm, coco mix

    New to home growing. I have 2 clones in veg right now. Just transplanted them to fox farm ocean forests soil with coco coir a few days ago.. when should I start giving nutes? And what kind do you all suggest?es
  10. Rbow Jones colors

    Rbow Jones colors

    Starting to throw in some nice colors :)
  11. Rainbow jones

    Rainbow jones

  12. M

    1st Coco attempt 1x1m tent: very slow and brown tips

    Hi - this is my 2nd ever grow. I got some great advice on this forum that has seen 4 photo's in organic soil under SF4000 LED through to harvest this week and they look and smell amazing... so now I'm trying perpetual harvest cycle with two tents and started a 1x1m veg tent with coco coir in the...
  13. Bill284

    How long does coco last?

    Does anyone else reuse coco. Does it break down to a powder eventually. Does it retain salts and anything bad for the plant. I let chopped pots dry completely before pulling stump and any old roots. Then I mix in Bokashi fras&das perilite and same amount of new coco in a huge tub for a 50/50...
  14. staynew49

    After 6 weeks found out I'm growing in Coco not soil! Help, nutes only used 2 times

    So I have 7 plants that just started flowering and 6 in veg that are 36 days old. I just found out that I'm growing in Coco coir when I thought it was soil. I have only used nutrients and cal mag twice because I thought they were getting burned. I've also only been watering every 2-4 days...
  15. MR_JS_20200224_mainline.jpg


    02-24-2020 jack sparrow mainlined to 8 colas. Learned that GLR light schedule and mainlining are not compatible.
  16. Green thumb lou

    White Widow

    Started two white widows autos in coco Coir and perlite mixed with Gaia green dry amendments. Seeds were planted into straight into medium with 4-4-4 and 2-8-4 bloom at 70/30 percent and watered daily. Worm casting tea with molasses every Friday. Day 27 from when seed popped and 33 in ground...
  17. Green thumb lou

    Big Buds

    She has a massive load of big buds
  18. M

    Jack Sparrow Grow 1, Coco

    I've been very lazy with documentation because life keeps getting in the way, so bear with me. Strain: Jack Sparrow (dr chronic proprietary) Source: Dr. CHRONIC Seed or Clone?: Seed Germination time : 4 days in rapid rooters Final medium: Coco Coir Nutrients: GH Flora Series (Micro, Gro...
  19. 11C8BA01-02B1-4C88-87B7-C230ED8266A3.jpeg


    Crown royal sugar
  20. 2B0CF102-A462-4F3C-AA60-8E59661990C5.jpeg


    Big buds on Crown Royale
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