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    Day 5 purple monkey ball in coco ppm around 200 ish in 140 is tap water . Seeing some roots that’s a good sign in my world . My question. Is how does it look so far for day 5 ? @[210790:@bobrown14] thank you so much ✊
  2. OriginalSkunk

    My first try in Coco

    Hello 420mag members and friends!! I decide to grow again after 6 years but not in soil in coco ( first try ) What i use Hydroponic tent marshydro 1x1x2 Led lights viparspectra 300watt 5 x fabric pots Medium canna coco professional Ph meter ec meter 2) usb fan 2) 5 gallons water bottles (...
  3. T

    First Grow! Looking For Guidance & Advice Throughout This Journey

    Hello all! I’m brand new to this site (second post) and just about as new to growing cannibis. I just started my first grow about 2 weeks ago and have been fine just researching and deciphering the best routes on my own, but not I’ve hit my first real problem: yellowing/burning. I’m currently...
  4. T

    First Grow, Need Some Troubleshooting

    Hello all! I’m brand new to this site (first post) and just about as new to growing cannibis. I just started my first grow about 2 weeks ago and have been fine just researching and deciphering the best routes on my own, but not I’ve hit my first real problem: yellowing/burning. I’m currently...
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    Still Got flushing and pre charging for another 5 pots getting more coco today
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    All cups flushed ppm out fo this coco was only 450 not 1400 liek lst winter nice . Need to buy one more bad and 10 litres of perlite which to 50 l bag of coco I estimate is around 20% perlite ratio I just did a ten percent ratio this run with 5 litres of perlite to 50 litres again not exact...
  7. Kingjoe83

    King's Winter Bomb Seeds & Purple Monkey Balls 2018

    Hey everyone welcome to my new journal where I will be using type A light and type B I will be using advanced nutrient ph perfect trio with cal mag by GH and z7 by flying skull. Strains I will be running for this journal will be Thc bomb and widow bomb of seeds to crack off for bad reasons...
  8. J

    Quick Journal Of My 1st Grow In A 4x4 Tent With A 2000W LED

    Strains: Iron Triangle x OG Kush and The 18 x Thunk. Number of Plants: 3 made it to flower. 2 Iron Triangle and one Thunk. Space: 4x4 vivosun tent. Light: King Plus 2000w LED. Pot size: 3 gallons. Nutrients: Homemade lol and pretty much nothing in flower. Growing medium: Coco Other Notes: Grew...
  9. I call her Florabunda

    I call her Florabunda

    All that pinching has paid off
  10. Norris flake

    Norris Flake's Grow Journal, Critical Kush 20% Sativa 80% Indica

    Hi everyone. This is the only forum I've ever joined, on the internet perioid. Can't really get enough advice when it comes to caring for a plant of this importance and use, so thought I'd be safe and pick the minds of the "been there done that" community. So... I've planted a single critical...
  11. FsHempire

    Critical Kush Indoor

    Coco coir. 1200w HPS LED Combo.
  12. Purpsmagurps

    Purps' Perpetual: DIY 800W & 350W LED, 9x6, COCO/DTW & RDWC

    Hello 420MAG, Getting ready for a record run here, starting to warm up so my garage grow room is being cleaned out. got my air stones all cleaned, about to take apart my dwc buckets and scrub them. will be replacing my 1 inch bulkheads with 2 inch pvc pipe bulkheads so I dont clog. I have a 4...
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    OGC /emerald triangle
  14. L

    SCROG Blue Dream CoCo 600 Watt HPS - Tiny Spindly Buds - Help!

    Hey Everyone, My second crop is nearing harvest and not looking anything like I'd hoped :( The more reading I do the more I think they may all be hermies. It's the first time I've tried the SCROG method, as i found my blue dream outgrew my tent height really quick the first time around. But...
  15. Cultivator Disciple

    I'm blessed to be a part of the community that will help me grow in every way

    Hi everyone, Today is a happy day as I have finally created my profile on 420 magazine. I'm new to growing and have been researching many different forums on the web and definitely came up with the conclusion that this is by far the most reliable and safe place to be (safe as in, you won't get...
  16. Z

    Need advice flushing Coco-coir perlite - Big pH and salts spike 4 weeks in

    I'm having an issue with my 1st grow, I'm 5 weeks in now and the run-off from 1 of my plants has spiked, pH and ppm going in is 5.8 and 1200, the run-off though is at 7.1 and 2500ppm The medium is a promix from my local store, it's 50/50 coco perlite with some extras. It's supposed to be pH...
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    OG critical
  18. MusicCityCannabis

    Music City Cannabis Soil White Widow Grow Journal - 2018

    Hey all! This will be my first ever grow so wish me luck! Starting from scratch so still have gear waiting to be delivered although I have most already in my possession but wanted to go ahead and creat my journal as I like to stay ahead of the game I'll be posting pictures soon! Seeds - 5...
  19. TheMadDabber

    All Aboard - Dabber Blooms Buds In The Tub Of Love

    Hello my dear 420 family friends and followers! :ganjamon::circle-of-love::420::circle-of-love::ganjamon: I'm back (never left?) For the second installment of growing strawberry kush in a bath tub. The first adventure was a fun one but I am hoping that was the tip of the iceberg in relation...
  20. Old Salt

    Crop King Seeds Crown Royale Indoor Coco Coir Grow

    Preamble: I'm a new grower, with a lot of gardening experience. I can't smoke or vape cannabis without trying to cough up my lungs. I chose capsules for my meds. A size 2 capsule will hold 150mg, and a size 0 holds 250 mg or ¼ gm. That's enough for now, as I'm not trying to get high...