Drip feed set up


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I have been growing in soil for a couple years and I am looking to add a drip feed system. My local shop is having a sale tomorrow so I am going to try to make most of my purchases then, at least the big ones. I am planning on having 20-30 plants and I am wondering if anyone can help me determine just what all I need to set it up properly?
So far I have chosen a 1200gph "water wizard", tubing, Tee's, drip rings, air stone, air pump, and I think I need a reservoir chiller as well don't I? I realize this is not truly a hydroponic grow but it the set up will be using the same principles for the drip feed. Can anyone offer any thoughts as to other things I need and maybe what I don't? I also already have 3, 50gal reservoirs.
Thanks for any suggestions! Time to medicate and hit the gym!!:peacetwo:
Add a drip feed system to a soil grow? I would change the medium to something else or your looking at disaster. I guess you could set it up to water your pots but soil constantly fed ferts is not a good idea.
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