Natural Sunlight Indoors


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I want to build a mini Grow House, about 2m x 2.5m
I live in a very hot region (Southern arizona). Temperature can go up to 50c on summer
The grow house would be well isolated.
I would like to save some electricity, so I would like to use Natural Sunlight as much as I can, so, I have the following questions:

1. For the roof, does a skylight provides enough light? I know there are millions of types, which one is better for this scenario? I also though about putting a roof of glass instead skylight, so the light is not reduced, but maybe a clear/translucent skylight will do the same job. I would complement remaining hours with CFL.
2. The only side it will get light from is from south (it will be near another construction, so no windows on north neither east). Would you recommend putting a window on South wall?
3. I want to have an air exhaust on the northern wall to pull fresh air from my house, it would be a common wall with my house, so it pulls fresh air. My concern here is the Aroma inside the house. I dont mind about neighbors because I dont have any (rural area). Should I put another exhaust to pull air from the grow house to the outside? or just a small escape (window).

Thanks in advance
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