Freezer build off?

ok im back and have been working hard on this thing. long story short this thing has 2 thermostats 1 for the light fan and 1 for small heater. during 12hr light on period the heat from 1,000 hps keeps both cabs. nice say 78 deg. using thermostat to turn light fan on and off, even with temps in the teens out side. during 12hr light of period intake and exhaust fans shut off leaving just fan connecting cabs running with small heater in big cab on thermostat. works great. if someone reading this want a more detailed description on how this works let me know and ill post one.

need help on what kind of soil to use, pots how big maybe 3 gal? what nuits and when to use them. soil.pots and nuits are my next step and could really use some help.

still need to get light for the small cab. was thinking 400 watter. my plans keep changing and for now i think im going to vegg and flower in both boxes rather than having 1 for vegg and on for flower.
Is it definitely going to be a soil (or "soil) grow then?

You figure it's going to be easier to have the light stationary and adjust the height of the plants than the other way around?

I like the idea of using the thermostatic relay on your light's fan, especially in a confined space. +REPs. EDIT: I must spread my REPs around before giving any to you. I guess I've already sent you some and forgotten. I guess I'll give you some of those "points" things instead. Hmm... I feel like a tourist in a restraunt in a foreign land trying to calculate the correct tip. Does... 10,000 seem appropriate? Minus processing "fee" of course. Sorry about the REPs.
thanks for the repley soul:cheer:
yes soil, i just think it may be easier and cheaper for a first timer like my self.
the thermostat i decided on is +or-3deg. (110 volt) run in series with a relay so it comes on when cab reaches temp. 3deg to hot it shuts off. and so on. keeps both cabs at just right temp even with out side temps in the teens.

Thanks for the points, excuse my noobishness but what r they for lol.

been doing a lot of research on flowing clones. do you know much about it? or better yet ever try it. seems like cool idea as a posed to keeping a mother
im not 100% sure if someone has covered this yet but i was just going to say that if you are planing on using co2 at some point you will have to design your light system now to accomadate that, meaning you must have your lights vented in and out of the box with out any exchange with the air in the box or you will loose co2 to the light cooling air. Also make sure your relays for the fans to thermostat controlers are the correct voltage and are exremely heavyduty because if the light is on in the bloom box and the temps rise and the fans dont kick on the light will toast your plants quickly.
hey bud thanks for looking in, this thing is constantly changing my plans, lol, the light fan is a thru and tru exhaust. relay is out side of cab. and thermostats r HEAVY DUTY i have thrown co2 out the window for now because i have found i can exchange air 4 times a min. in winter and keep temp 75-80 no problem. I might try the yeast and sugar trick and adj. fans accordingly. I have also thrown out idea of perpetual grow. altho scrog still interest me.

really need some help on dirt and nuits. I have room for clones and a mother in the house.

i can get all the clones i need to start and thought about vegging and flowering in both boxes. but that would mean another switchable ballatst and light for small box, plus cutting more holes to exhaust light. so i think ill stick to original plan. ill get t5ho for small box,get clones and vegg in small box,cut mother clones before flowering and move vegged plants to flower box when ready. when mother is big enough for clone cutting ill cut root them then vegg and start all over.

keep in mind i have never done this before, so from what i have read once this thing gets going if i were to take clones just before going to flower, root them in clone dome then start to vegg them, they will be to big by the time the ones in flower box are done right? thus i need a mother or take flowering clones. but the more i read about flowering clones the more they sound like a pain in the ass. all i know about growing mj is what i have read and believe me i have done lots of reading. think i have have read about every tread here lol. so any of you dirt growers looking at this, chime in and give me some idea of soil pots and nuits or any other comments.

thanks for the comments.
Looking very nice chewwy,

Soil preference is something that one gains over the course of many grows. If I had to go with a bagged soil that was ready to use right out of the bag I would choose Roots Organics. Very nice loose, aerated texture. Look out for the Thistle that is in there though.

On to the nutes subject. I will simply say Fox Farm. There is so much debate around all the crap on the shelves that your guess is as good as anyone else. I know that FF works for me.
Clones grow much faster than seeds, but what you described there with taking clones is generally what people who run a perpetual grow do, if you need more room in your veg box i would recomend building some kind of shelving unit to go in there and put one light on each level of the shelf so for example if you one shelf in there you would get 2 lights one for the top one for the bottom. that will greatly increase your growing floor space plus it will also sever as a comonsense gauge as to when to move the veg plants into flowering once the plants get to where they are kinda cramped in the veg chamber you move them to the flowering chamber
good idea bud!

velodrone, would you be willing to post a run down of your nuit scheduele from clone(if any) to vegg and thru flower. or do you use hydro?

I would start w/ 50% of any lineup that you decide to grow with. Schedule is dependent on the plants needs. Mine is always changing and adapting to what the plant is doing. If you are looking for a simple, no fuss, semi-organic solution then FF or Botanicare might suit your needs. I am most definitely a soil grower, with that being said. Soil is a forgiving medium to a point. If you do happen to have a problem in soil though it will take some time to correct. Food for thought.
thank you velorone, i have also found a few good postings on the subject. thanks for the input.

next week or so ill be picking out some supplies. some times you just learn by doing:wood:

ok if anyone is still watching this thread, i have done a little work over the past week.
i bought a 2'x2' sunblaze 8 bulb t5ho. man is this thing bright. I would like to thank mike at the grow store in monroe, they were very helpful! So i put this threw some overnight paces with out side temps in the 20s WORKS GREAT! I will buy a second light and tier off veg box when i get more money for another light.


flower box is 4'3" wide 2'3" deep and 4'3" from bottom of box to bottom of light not including pots.

still confused on what style of grow to do for the most yeild & and how many plants will fit into flower box depending on style of grow?

I was thinking of scrog but not sure that is the best way to go. any advice welcome.
hey velodrone, you seem to be the only one who checks in on me lol THANKS!

not sure of strain yet. think i can get some white widow or some kind of diesel. any thoughts on those? I know we have discussed this before, but what kind of grow method would be good for this thing? and how many plants with that method? thanks man:thumb:
Looking good Chewwy! Not one to give much advice yet... I have some good looking Kushes. Seem real healthy and nice. Not sure what kind of Kush. Hope you had a good holiday! We have lots of snow here!!
hey tmac12, thanks for stopping by. did you get hit by the blizzard on the east side?
thanks motionman, its ready for the pretty little green ladies. ill be picking up some foxfarm dirt,some pots and some newts on Thursday. clones should be ready soon i hope. i know my self and maybe others are waiting to see pics of GREEN. its been fun to build, hope its as much fun to garden in. do you have much growing exp.?:hookah::peacetwo:
quick up date!
today i got a few clones. 2 big cheese 1 white widow and 1 hindu kush. i geld them and put them in a rapid rooter system with a flro bulb over head. hopefully they will root and adj. to there new home. then i can fire-up this machine. I would have liked to get 8 white widow clones but beggars cant be choosers. so i can always make mother out of the one white widow i have and go from there. (if she makes it)
ill post pics of clones tomorrow.
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