Skylight that opens in cold climate - do I need exhaust?


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I have a question about cooling and exhaust issues.

I am hoping to start indoor in my loft, which is only about 6-7' tall with a small skylight that opens up to allow air out. I have a 600W HPS and MH with aluminum reflector (without the hole for a fan). The loft is decently large and open without doors so it won't be too stuffy. I have the option of closing off 2 entrances, one which leads to the entire 2nd floor landing and another which leads to a medium sized room with 16' ceilings.

I also have a 16'' standing fan (pretty powerful) that can rotate and could potentially be hooked up to a timer.

I am wondering if I still need to do something with exhaust since I'm in a climate where it snows a lot and will be starting end of summer. since heat rises, I should be able to leave the skylight window open a bit and not have to hook up tubing from the reflector to outside right? (I could easily put the reflector directly below the window). I am a bit worried that having the window open in winter would mess up the humidity though.
Re: skylight that opens in cold clim., do I need exhaust?

That is something you will have to watch, but I suspect that it should be enough. Now where I live it gets 55 below F and humidity is very low in the winter time. I think it doesn't matter if the window is open or not, with that space, you will need to get a humidifier. If it was an enclosed, smaller sopace you could get away with a tub of water until the plants were big enough to provide their own humidity. Humidity is very important for these plant's, so don't skimp on it, especially in your climate.
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