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  1. J

    3x600w in 3 seperate 4x4 tent ventilation

    hi im presently setting up 3 4x4 tent in a 10x10 space with 600w hps in 2 for flower and 600w mh for veg with 6'' cooling hoods. i was wondering how do i setup venting to use the less fan possible and where should i put carbon filter. i will be using a window mounted a/c to cool the 10x10 an...
  2. C

    Leaves got probs - First to second week of flowering - Treating mites

    Hey guys, I have been treating my spider mites with Green Cleaner for the past week. First treatment went GREAT, leaves looked nice and clean green the next day. Second treatment, I noticed some leaves were wilting, and showing some sign of brown spots. Now on my 3rd spraydown, I see...
  3. E

    Help! Leaves keep yellowing with brown blotches!

    WATERING: I did two flushes in two deprecate occasions because the soil PH was too low (acidic) around 4.8ph it's up to 7 ph right now I want to do another flush but I think it may kill my plant Lighting: I use one HPS bulb over my plant over 2 thousand lumens but when the sun is out I place...
  4. Agock137

    First Grow: Green Crack, Chem Dawg x Medijuana & Carmeliciois

    What's up y'all. Fist time posting so bear with me. This is my first real grow. I have grown once in the past, years ago with bagseed, some homemade lights, and some cheap soil, thrown in a closet and knowing nothing about temp, Humidity, nutes etc. I've been doing a lot of research lately and...
  5. H

    Venting out Window - Light and Temp Control Help

    Hey Friends, I am looking for help in venting out my window. My situation: Ø 5x5 tent with 12 COB Vero29 V7's — setup is upstairs and has a mini clip fan + 18 inch fan on ceiling of tent + 6" carbon filter/fan combo. Ø I have another tent 3x3 with 2 x T5 ballasts (2foot 4bulbs) with...
  6. ConstantGreen

    How much clearance for Window AC?

    I want to build a sealed 8x8 foot room with 3 tents and a window AC. But the tents would almost completely cover the window, there would only be a few inches gap between the face of the AC and the tent wall. Would this limit the AC's ability to cool the 8x8 room? example diagram: I...
  7. ConstantGreen

    How much inside clearance for window AC?

    I'm planning a sealed 8x8' room build with 3 tents. I want to use a window AC but the tents will block the majority of the face of the window. There would be about a 4" gap between the face of the AC and the tent wall, but air will be able to flow up or to one side around the tent. There will be...
  8. growguyphd

    Help adding pics to blog

    I need help adding pics to my blog. I originally copied and pasted my blog from ms word into the blog window but photos did not come with it. If I use the add pic tool on top of window it asks for a url. Can anybody help.
  9. Twox

    Twox - Birthday Cake - Purple Urkle - BlackBerry - A Reveg & More

    ...Summer 2016... So..... let's go over what I'm working with this grow. 2 grow tents. Ones a Virtual sun 4x4x7 for flowering and the other is a 4x2x4 G box off of amazon for vegging. The 4x2 has a 4 foot 4 bulb t5 and the flowering tent is using a 600 watt galaxy ballast, eyehortilux bulb...
  10. W

    Bedroom grow

    My buddy and I are wanting to use an empty bedroom on the top story of a four floor appartment building to grow. I have lived here for a year and just renewed my lease with him but he hasn't moved in because we decided to grow instead. I can say without a doubt I have nothing to worry about when...
  11. G

    Northern Lights Auto not growing good

    I got a Northern Lights Auto next to my window with 2 50watt lights, it's been a bit over a week now and it's still not really growing. Just recently it popped out a little green sprout with 2 very small leafs. I got 2 other Northen Lights growing at a friends place and they've grown like 5...
  12. C

    Sprouts pulling towards the light?

    i have 3 small sprouts, i have them in a very sunny/ light window indoors. they pull themselves towards the window so fast , i have been rotating them 3-4 times a day. im worried they will bend compeletly in half if i dont rotate... any advice ?
  13. G

    Stealth exhaust in winter ideas?

    O.K. here is my problem. I am getting ready to set up my 4x4 grow tent in an apartment back room. I have to exhaust out of window. (only choice) this window directly faces the street and everyone can see. For summer I am not worried since I plan on putting a window fan in window and atach...
  14. hfpuEF

    First Time Grower - Help!

    This is my first grow. I only have 3 plants outside but not sure when to Harvest. 1 plant looks almost ready the other 2 are not as ready. I live in Central California where it is very hot. Also if I just have a few plants do I really need to cure it after drying?
  15. S

    Growing bag seed marijuana in the window?

    Hey there everyone. I just had a few questions to ask about a very simple first-time grow to get familiar with some of the aspects of growing. I have two bag seed I got from some shake earlier and wanted to plant them just for the experience (and the oh so anticipated plucking of a few buds)...
  16. B

    Does anyone know this?

    The guy at the local headshop swears by this detox drink "420 Body Clean" and was by no means pushy to try and get me to buy it. He even told me to go home and do a little research before I made a decision. I know there's no product that will completely detoxify my body, but there are products...
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