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Hey everyone its time again to flower! The Cheese,Blurp,and Strawberry Purple Urkle that has been vegging over 40 days has been moved to the 5Gal Ebb&Grow system in the flowering tent. They are so bushy and growing fast! Ill have 3 more joining them in a month after i'm sure the spider mites are gone in the veg tent.

Here's the first video at day 5 after starting the 11/13 light cycle for flowering.
Here is a little info of what im working with for any new comers.

These plants are in a 6-pot Ebb&Grow system under a P1200 PlatinumLED (Full Power) inside a 8x8x8 Gorilla Grow Tent with two 6in blowers with filters on both of them pulling in nice clean air and exiting smelly air with the carbon filter.

If anyone has any questions or advice please feel free to ask or give it lol

Thank you so much for all your support you guys are awesome!!!
It is day 45 of Flower for the Strawberry Purple Urkle, Cheese, and the Blurp! Every thing is getting frosty cant wait for another week to go by! Hope you guys enjoy!
Well since not one person even said anything this hole grow its kind of a let down for me. Here are the last 2 updates for the grow. Hope everyone enjoys.

Much luv everyone!
Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

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