gorilla grow tent

  1. Ian Bastage

    Kind LED & Friends – A 420 Magazine Sponsored Grow & Review

    Yes, it is time to do it again. You may recall my first grow: Bomb Seeds Detonation Time! It turned out much better than expected in spite of my many mistakes along the way. Thank you again to all of the members that helped me. The yield was good and the smoke is very good and it will keep my...
  2. b0rker

    3 x Girl Scout Cookies - 550W LED - Indoor - Soil

    Now that I've got 3 indoor grows under my belt.. it was high time to upgrade the equipment.. I'm hooked on growing and want to advance further. I was thinking about going Hydro but after some reading.. I'm just not ready to take that plunge.. so for now, it'll be a soil grow. Here's some...
  3. Whitehammer61

    1000W Double-Ended - 4x8 Gallon RDWC - 5x5 Gorilla Grow

    Hello fellow growers this is going to be my first documented grow. Been growing on and off for sometime now. This is going to be my first run at dwc. Pretty excited to share my grow with my fellow growers. Always learning new things and ready to learn more, so please feel free to throw your...
  4. R

    750 Watt LED - 4x4 Gorilla Shorty Tent

    First grow here, and I figured I might as well keep a journal of it. From what I have gathered coco coir is a great way to grow big sinsemilla plants. So below I will list my grow tent/hardware setup, nutrients, and amendments. Here is my setup: Gorilla Shorty Tent - 4x4x6 750 Watt LED with...
  5. Xbones

    Jay the Cannabis Explorer - LED Grow

    Hey everyone its time again to flower! The Cheese,Blurp,and Strawberry Purple Urkle that has been vegging over 40 days has been moved to the 5Gal Ebb&Grow system in the flowering tent. They are so bushy and growing fast! Ill have 3 more joining them in a month after i'm sure the spider mites are...
  6. Calyx Hunter

    Calyx Hunter's - Soil - Jedi Death Star - 2014

    Hello evryone! I've been lurking this site for a while a recently joined. I've already learned and applied so many techniques from this site. I've grown and harvested many times under Flourescent and LED lighting and this is my first grow with HID. I'm super excited for this grow as I was...
  7. RojoLoso

    Cookies|Atomic Northern Lights - The Undertaking Of My First Grow!

    Warm Welcomes :welcome: As a noob I wanted to open my VERY FIRST GROW up to the forums to document and to obtain as many helpful tips, advice, and any insight possible from such a diversely knowledgeable community:adore:! Starting off with a few clones to get my feet wet in hopes to gain...
  8. H

    Gorilla Grow Tent

    Hey all. Have you seen the Gorilla Grow Tent from Dealzer.com? Its a fancy vertical jumbo sized grow tent that can be vertically alterned from 7 - 10 feet. Check it out.