Morglie's 1st Journal With Ace Sativas In High Brix


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I've been learning the basics over the last year through a lot of forum reading and trial and error. I feel like I've finally got the germination process & babying seedlings down to where I'm no longer wasting good seeds. I'm finishing up a trial run in Doc's kit at the moment, which is also my first photoperiod plant that I'll get to harvest.

I've got some Ace seeds that I'll be running, along with mixing in some clones of my current plant for pollinating (Nirvana's Pure Power Plant) and some freebie indicas from Herbies. My favorite smoke has been heavily leaning sativa hybrids and Ziggy really piqued my interest in these strains. I've read through several hundred pages of forums that discuss the breeding of these strains in preparation. My plan is to create F1's from these and begin pheno hunting and learning how to breed.


Panama: Panama combines 3 excellent sativas from Panama. It is one of the most popular, powerful and high yielding sativa in our catalogue.

Very elaborated hybrid of great potency and vegetative vigor. It produces beautiful, large, dense flowers full of trichomes, often showing reddish and pinkish pistils when flowering, traits usually associated with the mythic Panama Red and Colombia Punto Rojo strains.

Panama is probably the best american pure sativa hybrid bred in the last 15 years.

Its aroma and effect are reminiscent of the best Colombian and Panama Red sativas from the 70's.

Zamadelica: Zamal is an exotic african sativa from La Reunion Island, close to Madagascar, famous for its extreme vigor and legendary psychedelic effect.

An excellent Zamal mother selected for its trippy effect, fast flowering and remarkable sweet carrot and floral fragrances, was pollinated by the powerful Golden Tiger in order to create Zamaldelica, a super sativa hybrid with strong uplifting and lysergic effect and amazing vigorous growth.

Zamaldelica is receiving an excellent reception among sativa lovers from all around the world.
Its outstanding potency, very high THC content and the quality of its effect have no parallel in recent sativa breeding.

Malawi: After years of hard work and intense selections with sativas from all around the world, we can confirm that Malawi is the most powerful and psychedelic landrace sativa we know.

Its dense flowers of enormous trichomes compete with the most powerful sativa/indica and indica hybrids on the market in reference to their size and cannabinoids concentration.

The potency of its flowers is simply devastating, and it is especially recommended for experienced users that seek extreme sativa effects without renounce to an abundant harvest.

DO NOT mix it with alcohol and DO NOT use any dangerous machinery under its effect.

I have two grow rooms set up.

Veg room is set to 16/8 CFL lighting.

Flower room is set to 10.5/13.5 LED lighting with a T12 added in for side penetration. I'm unable to adjust my temp or humidity in my flower room at the moment but it does match up fairly well with the tropical sativas that I'll be running. It's currently low to mid 80's & around 60-70 rh. Once we get out of the humid, muggy part of summer, that is the joy of living in the midwest, it will drop to the low 70's & 45-55 rh.

The plan is to veg each plant until I get a rooted clone off of it to preserve the line. Then it will be going into flower. I have roughly 4 feet of height to work with in the flower room along with 4ft x 2.5ft of floor space so I have a fairly limited space to squeeze them in, so I need to keep these sativas under control.

I'm planning on doing an update every week on the progress and I'd appreciate any advice/help along the way. I'm sure I'll make a bonehead move or two.

Let the show begin! :slide:
Morglie's 1st journal with Ace sativa's in Doc Bud's High Brix kit

I soaked 2 Panama & 2 Zamedelica seeds on 8/18. Both of the pans popped up yesterday and both of the zams popped their heads up today. They are currently sharing their roost in the flower room with an afghani which popped up on 8/7.


They are under 48watts of t5 lighting. I was running 24watts which the afghani seemed fine with. One of the pans was stretching today so I flipped on the second fixture. They are also getting ambient lighting from the flowering section as well as a slight breeze from the fan.

I'm happy the afghani is alive. It took a 4 ft spill to the floor a few days ago. It lost most of the dirt and the stem got partially broken. It's looking healthy and growing though. Hopefully it keeps it up.

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subbed and excited ,your off to a flying start and have picked great genetics , i also breed in my sig below we are breeding an elite Malawi Gold i hunted down with a choice of males it was voted for the first cross to be with an elite bubbas gift male ,right now werecall deciding on a name and thia is just the first cross so please jump in on that thread and have your say .
i also have plat huck cookies male,misty male ,mutant phc male all to croas with my girls in flower ,breeding is so much fun .

i love sativas and my favourite has always been malawi gold i have 3 great diff phenos of MG now seeds from the growers in africa was what i read so i bought a bunch to find that real malawi gold ,boy did i find it x 3 haha i am very excited to watch on as you venture out in your sativa journey , awesome mate
Welcome photos, it's good to have you along. Make yourself comfortable.

Is that Malawi gold from seeds of Africa? When I was researching landrace sativas to run, I was looking at several seed banks. They are one of the banks I was looking at, but ace seems to really work their lines, which I thought would be good for me at my skill level. Eventually, when I get better at this I want to pick up some seeds of several different reunion island strains and work towards breeding the line towards what I'm wanting. The psychedelic effect of those strains really intrigues me and is a big part of why I chose Zamedelica. Along with the rocket fuel description of the Thai leaning Pheno..... I hope get one of those.

Now if only I hadn't missed out on the limited release of tropical seeds zamal cbd. I need to find a good 1:1 cbd line that isn't femmed or auto.

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Time for my weekly update. The seedlings are coming along nicely. Really long first node leaves. Just been babying them. About a tbl of water every couple of days. It looks like my coffee from my outdoor afghani might not take so I dropped another afghani seed a couple of days ago. It should pop up in the next day or two. This will give me 4 sativas and 2 indicas, all of which are regular seeds. I'd like to get a male sativa and Indica for seeds.


I also have some herbs and tomatoes along with a cut of Ppp that hopefully will be rooting soon.


A current shot of the flower girls.


And a close up of my Ppp. It should have around 4 weeks left on it.


Have an awesome Sunday everyone!

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I'm running docs kit on my ace seeds and some others but I also have my own soil mix I started with, that I've been tweaking.

My main issue I believe is that it's compacting and not draining properly. When it's dry in my 1gal pots, the pot is about as heavy as the kit soil is right after watering. I was thinking about adding perlite to let the soil breath more but it's already retaining a lot of water.

There are issues that are showing regularly on the leaves (see picture below) but I'm not certain if this is an issue caused by the compacted and overly wet soil or if there's something that my mix is missing.

This is mid bag seed, so not the best genetics, but I have another plant from the same seeds that I dropped into kit soil when I put them into flower and it looks like an entirely different strain now.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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It's Sunday! Time for my weekly update.

My afghani. The second one still hasn't germed yet and my clone from my outdoor afghani isn't going to take either it looks like. I'm going to give the one a few more days before I call it and drop another. I'm wanting to have two indica going this run.

The Panamas are looking quite happy.

The Zamedelica are beaming today. The one on the right has super long leaves at the first node. I'm hoping this is the scary Thai leaning Pheno. Crossing my fingers....

The rest of the garden is looking good. My mini clone of my Ppp is finally growing! It's literally been like this since it went in soil on 7/12.

It was drinking and staying green so I let it go. Finally in the last two days it started to grow!


Now that I'm feeling confidant I have another clone going I've up potted my first clone last night and once it gets used to its new home it'll be going to the flower room. I need to start feeding plants in there to keep the perpetual going.

Tonight is brix time. Maybe I should bump that up to saturday nights so that it's before my updates instead of right after.....

A few random shots of green growing things.





Kelp it green everyone!

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I dug for my second afghani it was taking so long. I found it already sprouted but tiny. I buried it and put a bit of water in the cup. It popped it's head up yesterday but the jury is still out on whether it will live.

So this morning I thought it was time to up pot the little ones. They weren't root bound but there was a decent swirl of roots on the bottom and the rest seemed fairly full. I sunk them in a ways. Buried about an inch or more of the stem to give them more support. They had stretched quite a bit early on due to the lighting they were under.


Panama A

Panama B

Zamedelica A

Zamedelica B

I put them outside to let the wind help strengthen them and if the clouds would clear they'll get some sun as well.

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Well,they might have gotten an hour a decent sun yesterday but they did get a good drenching of rain. They probably won't need a drink for a week or more. They are quite happy this morning. :)


Don't mind the discolored leaves at the bottom of the picture. Those are a couple of clones I took in flower and I'm trying to reveg them. About a month now with little but a smidge of bright green growth. They aren't taking up room though so it can't hurt to keep them going. The clone in the top left did absolutely nothing for two months besides stay alive and now it's suddenly starting to grow. The revegs are for pollination once I have a male ready to start showing his seed, so plenty of time and not a big deal if it only ends up being just a small bud. I'm hoping to hit it with some pan or zam pollen. The seeds will be almost pure sativa, but will have the vigor, yield and shorter flower time from the Ppp. Hopefully it will add to the flavor as well since the Ppp is supposed to be very low aroma for stealth grows.

I also popped two Malawi into soil a couple of days ago. Hopefully they'll show themselves today or tomorrow!

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The pans and zams are enjoying the extra room to grow. They got their first brix tonight. Unfortunately I only have cfl 125 watts x2 in the veg room. They won't grow as fast as I'd like but they will get there.

Panama A

Panama B

Zamedelica A

Zamedelica B

My 2nd Malawi popped up its head this evening.

Malawi A

Malawi B

Have a great week everyone.I'll see you around the neighborhood!

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The Zamedelicas really started taking off this week. The last to sprout out of the ace's is the largest of the four. It's getting long slender leaves.

Panama A

Panama B

Zamedelica A

Zamedelica B


The Malawi are looking good.

I'm hoping within the next week to take cuts from the pan and zam. Once I get those to root I'll up pot the plants, give them a bit to settle in, then put them in flower.

A good chunk of flower space should be opening up in a couple of weeks. :slide:

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