Neikodog's High Brix Sativas

Welcome everyone to my 3rd journal. I've been out of the journal game for a bit and figured after the gangs trip to Jamaica I would start a new one.

The Setup: 2 4x4 gorilla grow tents for flower.
Lighting: All LED all unsponsered for flower. T-5 and unsponsered Veg LED for Veg.
Soil: Doc Bud's High Brix Blend
Nutrients: Doc Bud's minerals, mycos, dreches, foliar sprays and magic.
Environment Equipment: 1 Ductless Split AC, free standing dehumidifier and humidifier.
Temps and humidity: lights on: 80-82 degress F. Humidity 50-60%
Temps and humidity: lights off: 70-72 degrees F. Humidity 50%

Strains Currently in Flower:
Clemetine: Crockett Family Farms 70% Sativa
Tikal: ACE Seeds 75% Sativa
Congo: ACE Seeds 70% Sativa
Malawi: ACE Seeds 100% Sativa
Panama Haze: ACE Seeds 100% Sativa

Welcome aboard, strap in and enjoy the ride!

Pics coming shortly.
First page....HAHAHA! Gonna be with ya for the ride...Cheers bud! Are any seeds from J?[/QUOTE

Eventually, I subbed up for Sue's Jamaican Dream community journal. Everything listed above is already flowering or getting flipped today. Considering the lambs breath isn't out of the ground yet I'll refrain from posting that just yet. I just had to get this thing up and running.
Reading the list made my heart beat faster neiko. :laughtwo: OMG, a garden fit for a sativa queen. I'll keep an eye on this one. :love:
Ok gang since we have a few early birds here I'll post a couple of the flowering plants. I still got to flip the Congo, Malawi and Panama Haze today. I'll get pics of those probably tomorrow.
This is my Tikal, I've run it a few times and is one of my favorites. It is on day 79 of flower and usually I end up just taking it at 16 weeks. The test results were for my last run of it.

Clementine day 37 of flower. I've run this as well and use it for my concentrated oil and edibles.

Sorry for the mess but these things get a little out of control. There is 2 in there.


A couple bonus pics of my last harvest. Purple Sherb (a powerhouse plant)

BOG's Sour Strawberry

Thanks for following along, more to come later!

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