DrZiggy's 2nd Journal - ACE Seeds - High Brix - LEDs

She's coming down in A.M Received its last BRIX this PM :)


Anyone know their snakes??? The reptilian type, not humans :rofl:


it was on my walkway

its tiny..cute..6" from tail to mouth

Very very nice....not so much the snake...I've found snakes in the pasture stamped flat by the horses....the Shawnee Ranch says "No Bueno" around these parts.....
Hiya, Ziggs....., went to "the kid's" wedding yesterday, my wholesaler guy, whom I adore....300 people, and they ran out of food....as a chef, you can appreciate, for sure, but I did not....so sad.....27 years old, I never saw him so happy and the bride was the picture of beauty and grace....honest to God, you get what you pay for, so I left, picked up something to eat and went home....incredible faux pas....makes what you do so tremendously important.....not funny....
Nice! You keep on going after all :thumb:
They're almost ready, maybe 5 days and you can take them. What are the trichs?
I don't check them..

the TERPs on the soon to harvest plants are very fragrant..:thumb:
Ok so I'd say your harvest window is getting near.
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