Spitz Tries Ace's Panama & Malawi

Hey CD... Glad you're here to follow. Hope health and family are going great for you!!

She smells good. I'll try and put a finger on it next time I see her. The Panama smells amazing. She smells a bit like strong lemon, earthy, cleaner, ...., like nothing I've ever smelled.

Thanks for the compliment Bedroomfarmer!

Lights on 11 off 13. Lights on temp 67-75F. Lights off temp 70F. Fed them 500 ppm of some 0-5-3 the last two sessions with a splash of micro. You can see some slight burn on the Malawi tips. Water for a few sessions before another feed in a week or two. Thanks for following.
So... I let the two sativas dry out. I was a bit fearful I was in over watering. It's tough to check with the screen in place. I figured I'd give them 1 more day dry and that was 1 day too many. They perked right back up after a good soaking but I'm going to need to stake some of the big colas. Oh well.. Learning experience I guess. I'll try and take a picture before and after staking them up.

As for the GDP, she has seen some real cold nights at freezing. I throw a blanket over her and tuck her against the house. She's still fattening up so I don't want to cut her yet. I'm pretty sure if I took her today, it would be a good harvest. Here she is...


Well... She stretched like a beast. I had them screen level at flip and have at least 15 branches that are 10" over the screen (3 or 4 at 18" above the screen). I think a clone might be easier to manage than seed. I choked her back and kept sawing away at the growth above ground. She was a 6 week root system with 4 weeks of leaves. I think she'll be worth it. This is my 4th or 5th pure sativa with huge colas instead of the typical popcorn. Not sure if I'm doing things right or wrong??? I'll sneak some pictures in tomorrow's hen I stake her up. Thanks for the compliments hook and BF! Peace!!,
Well...I'd say Yer doin' things right!!...luv's big cola's!!...if things go according to plan...there will be some sativa's and a couple of auto's in next springs adventure...inventory is such that I could go without ordering more...butt...just can't help myself!!??...LOLOOL...Cheerz!...h00k...
I think a clone might be easier to manage than seed.

They generally are. IDK if it is because the root structure is different, or because the plant is older.

Well...I'd say Yer doin' things right!!

Lol, yeah.

luv's big cola's!!

They won't fit in a bowl, though ;) .

there will be some sativa's and a couple of auto's in next springs adventure.

Careful, you might have to raise the roof on your shed. Just kidding, but...

I was recently thinking that auto-flowering strains might be a poor companion to sativas, since the former seems to do best with 20 hours (or at least 18) of light per day, whilst the latter, well... a vegetative period long enough to completely finish the auto-flowering ones could leave you with a bit of a mess. Unless you really do raise your roof (and have lots of light available). But you can do things like restrict the root space (IOW, smaller containers) of the sativas to help keep them small until you're ready for that rocket to launch.
I do find the Malawi clones a little less stretchy than the ones from seed. The bud isn't typical sativa, it's medium sized buds at least in my case, dense and strangely dry, not very sticky at all.
FYI I generally max out at about 700 ppm in flowering. I'm thinking that's even a little high. This time around I'm maxing out at 650. In flower this time I'm using bloom nutes which contain no nitrogen whatsoever, other than whatever N is contained in the calmag I add, and they're happier than ever.
Thanks Weasel.. The only N they've been getting is from the GH Micro they get. It's been mostly soil provided. The Roots Organic 707 is pretty hot and I moved them from 3G to 7G and flipped immediately to flower. Fed them twice at between 6-800 ppm. Didn't really measure anything going in but checked before watering. When they completely dried out, I think the ppm may have spiked just a little. They still look great, but, that dry session made the colas a bit heavy for the branches. They're all mangled and twisted under the screen as it is.

The Malawi is pretty frosty. The Panama a little less but she seems stickier. The GDP has baseball bats for buds. They stink like hell and I can't get a good feel for the frost because there is so much damn leaf mass.

Tortured Soul.. I think you're right about the auto/veg scenario. A couple options are to start the sativas a little later or clone the sativa seed and toss the mother. Personally, I'm not sure I could do the latter... Lol. Peace!
Likely the last pictures of the GDP attached to a stem. She's going to come down sometime this week. No date planned, just waiting for some free alone time with momma. She looks pretty good. Check out the last pic.. Full of air blown debris. We may have to wash this girl. Even found a little critter hiding in there. Enough to make me not bring this one inside to dry... Anyway, no sweating the small stuff.




Still haven't staked up the big inside girls. I don't get to spend much time with them. Peace!
Thanks hook! After watching them shoot out of the gate, I didn't think there was any chance they'd make it more than 8-9 weeks. They look like they are going to spend a long time in their teenage stage and 12-14 weeks looks like what's it's going to be. I have the stakes ready and should sneak a picture in tonight. The Panama smells the best, the Malawi looks the best, and the GDP is going to yield a ton. Those branches are heavy!
...been doing some window shopping, and thinking about next spring...already...lolool...came across a source up here in Canuckistan for some Malawi autos for not a bad price...seem reputable...drawback is only 10 packs...which is not a bad thing if they work out...decisions...decisions...lolool...looking at trying to get 2 runs of autos in along with photos...which is quite doable if weather cooperates...not that we need more product...just wanna check out more strains...lolool...keep on keepin' them green...cheerz...h00k...
Malawi autos for not a bad price...seem reputable...drawback is only 10 packs...which is not a bad thing if they work out...decisions...decisions...lolool...looking at trying to get 2 runs of autos in along with photos...which is quite doable if weather cooperates...not that we need more product.

If you're already growing more than you actually need, why not try an actual landrace sativa? You can keep them small(ish) by keeping them in smaller containers and not giving them so many hours of light/day in the vegetative phase (in flowering, too, for that matter, but...) . Grow something that has enough fingers on its leaves to make your wife a hula skirt, lol.

You head to Mexico every year... Maybe you know someone who knows someone who can score some true Oxacacan highlands sativa seeds? (If so, I might have to hitchhike to The Great White North and park myself on your front porch to wait on you to return home :LOL: .)
Dr Hook I subbed to a journal that is growing the so called Malawi Auto you are talking about. It doesn't look much like a sativa to me so far so I question the genetics but time will tell I suppose. Here is a link Malawi Gold Auto Fem
Interesting genetics on that referanced auto. I wonder if the ruderalis gene does that sometimes? You're right, she doesn't look real sativa. I only tried 2 strains from that bank. The Maui was momma's favorite plant by far and I've had a few other solid strains from breeders for her to choose from. The Autoberry was the only other that I tried and no complaints. You have to wonder if all these companies just throw a handful of seeds in a bag and write your order name on a tag. The fact that it's typically medicated peeps germinating these seeds has to make you wonder too???
just checked that journal out...that is the same bank I saw the seeds at...if I was expecting sativa's and that type of plant popped up...I confess I would be a lil' disappointed...it looks very similar to the GWS I did this year...short...lots of leaves...small buds...could be just one of those weird things...I dunno'...cheerz...h00k...
Week 7 update...

Plants are staked. I think I should have kept tucking through the stretch phase. Anyway, they'll produce I think.

Tent shot:

Panama buds:


Malawi money shot:


Just water for the last week or two. A little yellowing going on but it's spotty so I'm assuming it's not a big issue. They'll get a bloom feed again soon. Peace!
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