Spitz Tries Ace's Panama & Malawi

Man, I bet it smells like a Smuckers Factory up in there!!! Looking great man i'm subbed up!!!

With a name like Smuckers, it has to be good :)
Thanks... I'll try and get a few pictures up soon. They are both getting sticky. This weekend will be 9 weeks. I'm going to take and dry a small Panama sample for the lady for this weekend. Should be interesting. I won't harvest until thanksgiving. In fact, I won't see them again until thanksgiving after this weekend. Hopefully the gardening skills are on the top of their game! Peace!
She's gonna come down at thanksgiving (ready or not!). Just over 8 weeks...

A garden shot. Pretty boring, but great week on week reference:


A Malawi flower.. I'm starting to like her more and more...


A Panama flower... She's getting frosty. I guess I could try and grab some trichome pictures soon??


And this weekends Panama sample...


Plugging along... Peace!
I remember when all my plants were scrogged and I was so jealous of those beautiful tall colas you grow. Now you're scrogging and you still grow them tall and natural. Still jealous of your plants too.
First up is the dry sample of the Panama taken a week and a half ago. It was just left out to dry and did so in the first 4 days or so. She is just starting to get her smell back now. Mama tried a small chunk. It was a little racey but not over the top. She's going to love it! A better report later.


As mentioned, I won't see the plants again for 3 weeks. I took a handful of tops, about 1/3 of them, "just in case". The Malawi is too far away to even sample. I think this Panama is ready for harvest.

Haven't seen them in a couple of weeks. The report is the Malawi is swollen and looks great. The Panama looks a bit rougher. I should be back to cut them both down next weekend. That will be it for growing for quite some time. Pictures next weekend when I see them again... Peace!
Well... Here are the last pictures of them standing. They went a couple of times without water and it took its toll. Overall, I think they are going to be awesome. They sure look pretty rough though. The 10 tops or so I took off the Panams smell great. Momma hasn't sampled any as she has only indulged immediately before bed. The Afghan Kush grown a year ago was the winner.

Here is a tent shot.. Malawi on the right:


Here are a few Malawi pics:



A couple on the Panama side:



I turned the light off for good and they are in darkness. They'll be cut up in the next 72 hrs when we get some alone time. I'll grab a few harvest pictures, weights in a couple weeks, and a hopefully a report. Little brother will be in for Christmas and he is a potsonb. I should get better than "good". Thanks for following and the support. It was fun! This will be my last grow for quite some time.

I just remembered about my GDP I had locked away in the garage in paper bags. Uggh... I have no idea what I'm going to do with her. Maybe more butter... Peace!
:drool: Can you get some pics in more natural light? I don't know the Panama to judge, but I can see from looking at it that the Malawi's going to get a wow rating -just tell him don't smoke too much lol. Put him to work if he's feeling a little twitchy ...:laughtwo:
Well... They are all cut up. I have a ton of Malawi (guessing 4-6 oz when dry) of hanging flowers and at least that in a garbage bag for some kind of extract. I threw 2/3 of the Panama away. I have about 3/4 oz from some tops I took 3 weeks ago and about another 3/4 oz in popcorn that I decided to salvage. Most went into the trash and some into the paper extract bags to dry.

The Panama had severe light burn on everything toward the tops. Too dry, too hungry, and too far past prime I think. The Malawi is going to be awesome I think. All the fans shriveled up and the sugar leafs were barely starting to yellow. She won't have great bag appeal, but I think it will be awesome flower. I'll grab some pics in a day or so. The tent is still up with my box-o-buds and 3 paper shopping bags inside. The light has been put away for indefinitely. If we do grow again, it will be a couple of autos in DTW coco under a 450W blurple light (275W draw).

Lessons learned...
I'll never run a screen again. I don't spend enough time with them to make it worth while.
I have no business growing large plants. i knew this.. I didn't learn my lesson.
Harvest when they tell you to harvest. I knew the Panama needed to come down a couple of weeks ago.

If you had a BUNCH of trim, what do you recommend? Peace people!
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