Spitz Tries Ace's Panama & Malawi

Ty BedroomFarmer!

We'll call it end of 3 weeks. No big changes from last week. Temps are a little cool.. 72-75F lights on and off.

Here they are under the white light...


The Malawi..


And finally found he Panama...


Malawi is on the right side of my he tent pics. She stretched quite a bit.

Shout out questions, comments, or concerns.

Thanks hook! I have the lights running at night on the two featured girls. I don't get to spend more than a few minutes in the morning with them before I wake up the house so it's tough to grab good updates. It has also placed me in a weird scenario where lights on temp might be lower than lights off temp. Go figure eh?? Still they look good and I'll try and grab a few pictures tonight or tomorrow to show off the big ladies.

They drink about 3 G each every 3rd day. This gives me a quart or so of runoff from each plant. I haven't had great luck in the past of keeping plants healthy in soil. These ones still look real good. I think the little bit of runoff is helping considerably. Time will tell...

The Grand Daddy Purple is starting to ripen. I have been watering her to extreme runoff and then feeding to good runoff every other cycle. She has been getting 1000ppm of a bloom fertilizer 1-5-4 at about 1000ppm. She will receive water only from here on out. She sees huge temperature swings of up to 40*F from day to night. Anyway.. Because it's easy to photograph during normal operating hrs, she's easier to update..



I'll get the 2 Sativas under the camera before too long. The Panama is going to finish before the Malawi. They are a long way out still, but it's pretty obvious from their development so far. That's going to make harvest a pain in my he ass. We'll deal with that later. The Panama smells incredible. I have a clone of her chocking in a small pot. I'm glad I took one. I think she's going to be special. Have a great weekend peeps!
I've been missing out here, looking sweet around here Spitz! That GDP is magnificent to look at, and... Mmmmm Malawi :drool: I'll be sure to keep tabs on this journal, sorry I missed all the action. But I'm here for the finale. Keep up the good work and...

KiG :green_heart:cheers
I'm here for the finale.

That won't be for a while yet, methinks.

Hey, where's everyone at, lol? Doesn't anybody like sativas any more?

I guess there's plenty of room to stretch out and get comfortable, mind if I pull up a (few) chair(s) and hang out? I'll probably alternate between not saying much... and saying way too much ;) . But I'll be around, scaring your pets and raiding your refrigerator.
Welcome men, women, or other....

Thanks for all the kind words on the plants. They do look pretty good. Rest assured that it will spiral rapidly downward at some point. They always do! I missed my opportunity to update this morning but will try and grab one sometime tonight. A few Panama tops are bleaching at about 16" from the light. The Malawi is about 4" away and enjoying basking in the pseudo sun. I'll likely raise the light a few more inches when I can get to them. Pictures soon... Thanks again!
A couple shots of the featured girls...

Not much crazy happening. Just piling days on and a lot more of them to go. Somewhere around 4 weeks in flower. First up is a tent shot (Malawi on the right)..


A couple shots of some Malawi flowers:


A couple shots of the Panama...


I think I'll give them a little food this week. I'm guessing about 800ppm of bloom feed of some sorts. We'll see how it goes.

Peace peeps...
Looking good. One of these days I'll have to crawl out from under my paranoia rock and order some Malawi Gold seeds. I don't have any landrace sativas at all in my "portfolio" :sad: . That'd probably be worth keeping a mini-mother permanently on hand.
Thanks for the kind words. I haven't seen the plants in a couple days. I hope they aren't dry when the lights come on tonight. I am going to like that Panama I think. It stinks absolutely wonderful of lemon and pine. I don't have any more Panama seeds but I do have a clone of her choked back just in case she is a good one and I may even self her for a seed project later on. I think the Malawi is going to be a big harvest. I hope to update them this weekend.
Somewhere around week 5... Plants still looking healthy. I contribute this to watering to a bit of runoff. They are in 7G pots and each watering session is a split of 6G equally between the two ladies that yields about a quart of runoff. Here we is a shot of the tent (The Malawi is the leggy one on the right side and Panama on the left):


A couple shots of the Malawi:


And the Panama lady:


And a closeup of the Panama


Last but not least, a shot under full power...


They've been pretty boring. I think that's a good thing... Shout out any questions and/or comments. Peace!
This morning i decided to check for journals to follow. And boom, here i am. Looking good sir!
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