Bag Seed Hempy CFL Circle LST/Sog

Thank you FOG!

As for being time to transplant, not yet. Yes while they do have quite nice root growth I prefer to have a bit more of a root mass prior to transplanting. the reason being that I run hempy buckets and if i transplant now with out much lateral root growth the roots will shoot strait to the bottom of the bucket. this will result in a tipsy plant. and would require more time to induce lateral root growth for support and suffer growth in height in girth. SO what I do is allow the seedlings to grow into the rooters as much as possible that way when i trans plant I can encourage all the lateral roots to stretch out by watering around the conformance of the rooter. thus making them hunt for the water and grow nice support. If I plant now with mostly vertical root growth and few lateral root growths it will grow the roots deeper to the bottom of the bucket faster and once it hits the water reserve will grow those roots out larger and give littler energy to the later root support structure. If any of that makes any sense at all. haha.

also they are still to small to feed directly from the roots yet. which is why I am foliar feeding them. to optimize the benefits of foliar feeding its best to have them in a humidity done. the will help slow the evaporation of the feed from the foliage since the air in the done is already saturated. If i transplanted before they are ready for direct root feeding too mush of the foliar feed will evaporate before the plant is able to absorb the micro nutes its needs right now. I could feed to the root but being as young and delicate as they still are I would have to go with an even milder solution than what i can give them via foliar feeding.

I'll swing by and check your grow out!
Oh nice! I completely followed that, although... The other day I was thinking about this when I was deeply medicated. I began to think about what happens in mother nature. The roots grow as far down as they want, then have a lot of room to grow out of from the root stock. Then again we are growing under cfls and not the almighty sun. Could there be some truth to my silly thoughts?
not far off. In nature the roots tend to grow equally in all directions. On of the reasons for this is the plant is exposed to stresses not often exposed to in a starter dome. winds, animals walking on them, ect.. this means they grow to support them selves. But also there rarely is a sweet pool of nute enriched water sitting just a few inches below them to entice them to grow directly to it. they spread out their roots to have as much area covered as possible to get as much water as possible. natural soil conditions will drain water down away from a plant. so to catch as much water as they can they will spread out. since we are growing them in an unnatural environment its our duty to compensate and manipulate them for optimum growth.
day 9:

just a short update today:

My how fast they grow up!! soon they will move on to their first homes
Day 12:

Sorry for the lack of updates the past few days. I was extremely busy.

so the girls are responding to the foliar feeding and cos extremely well!

They have a wonderful amount of controlled stretch and nice tight inter nodes! Tomorrow or Monday they will be transplanted!
Day 13:

Transplant day! I apologize for the lack of over all photos but I had taken a crap ton of video and was making a nice intro to hempy video. How ever I got a bit high during editing and managed to delete all the source video... *sigh* Any ways here are the Still shots I do have.


Here You can see the girls root systems, nice and fully developed!

Hey they are all nice and cozy in their new home. Transplanting is the great height equalizer. I always bury them up to their first leaf set. There are two reasons for this. Reason one being height control. This brings all the girls to an equal height. Second reason is that any stem exposed to root growth conditions will do just that, grow roots. the two inches of stem buried during tranplant will start to gor new root shoots and help establish an awesome strong root structure.

I also gave them the solution I have been foliar feeding to them direct to the roots after transplant. Now all I have to do is wait for them to grow and strengthen up a bit and then start the bondage!

Oh so a little bit more about their new homes. They are 3 quart buckets (or 3/4 a gallon) filled with 100% perlite. I resue my perlite so I had to sterilize and wash it before use. step one is removing any left behind roots. step 2 is flushing with hydrogen peroxide. Step three is rising with several gallons of water. If your not familiar with hempy buckets them self, hempy buckets are a passive hydro system that relays on the "wicking effect" of water. that is the ability for water to be moved along the surface of an item to another location. the roots work to help the water climb from the bottom of the bucket to the top of the bucket. thus allowing all the roots to have access to water, not just the roots that grow to the bottom of the bucket. The bucket its self has holes that allow water to drain and allows a portion to remain at the bottom of the bucket. Its really just that simple

I'm also working on a new larger CO2 generator for these guys. Stay tuned for up dates on that project, should be posted by the end of the week, If I can fine a low pressure check valve.
day 14:


after transplanting and adding more lights I had forgotten to plug in the fan... As a result two of my girls are suffering form heat damage..

I'm sorry babies.. :'( I never meant to hurt you!!

they will recover I'm not super worried. but it breaks my heart all the same.

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Day 15:

No photo's (dunno where i left my phone last night), but things are not well. two plants are showing P and K deficiency. Heat issue is reversing. I flushed the buckets and hit up with a 1/4 strength grow nutes.

again I'm not worried. All things can be fixed and reversed. First rule of growing is


cause every thing is going to be all right, some times we all make mistakes.
Day 21:

All my girls seem to have bounced back to life. How ever due to temp issues and a small ph/shock issue at transplant I'm about 4 days behind growth schedule.


How ever as you can see they have all for the most part bounced back. Robyn(lower right) took the brunt of the damage and is still looking kind of sickly.


Here you can see a good shot of the under growth. the two lest effected on the left show bushy tight inter node growth. while the two most effected by the heat issue are still looking a little skimpy.

Tomorrow we start bondage! Also still working on my new CO2 system but preliminary tests are showing positive results. still searching for needed parts to finalize the system for use and reveal!

edit:Whoops, my cover is blown. Yes, I'm Hempy4life I'm just gonna start using this account to carry on this journal. sorry for any confusion. My autolog in kind of goofed up on this one... oh well, its good to be back as me.
Day 22:

Let the Bondage begin!

All the ladies are tied down and starting their LST. Besides starting the LSt I have bumped them up to 1/2 strength nutes, as well as raised the lights about three inches to start inducing some vertical growth.
Thanks man. Its like I always say when you make a mistake, take the proper steps to fix it and they will reward you in turn. Plants are forgiving and very resilient. As long as you don't panic everything will be alright.
day 25:

Every one is happy and healthy, growth remains steady and on track, still behind due to earlier heat issues.


I have bumped them up to full strength nutes. Should be about 1.5 weeks to transplant into flowering buckets and 2 weeks till I switch them over the flower.


Raised the lights another few inches in encourage vertical growth. might have to drop then a little, maybe a tad too high.
Day 26:

Re tying, trimming and adjusting the lights.


Group shot after retying the girls. they had picked up a good 2 inches since I last tied 'em down so it was time to adjust the ties. As well as adjusting their ties I started to trim them to reflect their intended growth. By this I mean I have started to trim along the stem to expose the stem and undergrowth to light. this will help to bush them out and create good strong bud sites.


here you can see them close up and can get a sense of what I am aiming for with the trim. I also removed a few under leafs that will no longer be in direct light and will server no purpose to the plants. During Lst its important to help your girls direct their energies where its most needed.

Also to reflect their new height I have dropped the lights back down 1.5 to 2 inches. the raising and lowering of lights like this help to keep them exposed to maximum light while also helping maintain height and growth to desired dimensions.
Day 26: Part two

Lights, lights, lights!

Ok, so I decided to add some more lights and adjust the whole setup to better server my desires.

I had added one more rig to the side and angled the two side to better server the under growth and still hit the top of the plants. while the center serves mostly the top of the plants. as you can see I have arranged the plants according to this idea.

This is a good example of how to properly use cfl's in growing. CFL's are great in the sense that you can hang them to best utilize the light where needed. This is to offset the less intense/dense light they give vs a HID light.
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