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    Hey everyone! Closet grower here

    This is my first grow from bag seeds,those pots are very small cause i didnt really have more room for bigger plants so decided to stick to them . couldnt really use HPS either for that matter so i decided to ''simulate'' if one could say that environment . Im using a ratio of 6:1 of 2700k and...
  2. P

    CFL only: Lemon Pie, few days before harvest

    I’m so proud of this plant. My first indoor growth and im happy with the effects. Some info. Veg: ~6w Flower: 7w Medium: soil Nutrients: 3-6-3 birds guano Lights: cfl 250w duo + cfl 85w Light cycle: 18/6 - 12/12 Grown from seed Training: 2x suppercrop, FIM, LST. Let me know what you think...
  3. 20190419_202428.jpg


    Sensi skunk fem baby
  4. 20190419_202347.jpg


    Lebbie top.
  5. 20190413_182553.jpg


    Red stem lebanese after watering
  6. 20190413_182550.jpg


    Green stem Lebanese pheno still droopy after watering
  7. 20190413_182545.jpg


    Sensi skunk seedling one week old
  8. F

    1x Tangerine Dream, 2x Church, Soil, 1000W LED & 210W CFL 5.5k Nothing Too Crazy

    Decided to give a go at journalling this round. I don't have real concrete plans, as things got kind of screwy at the beginning. Room contents are as follows: TEMP ~69-74F RH 32% Sq.Ft(unknown currently. Approx. 8x5x5) 1000w LED + 2x105w CFL 5500k, 1x 24w 6400k CFL, 2x 3500k CFL 1x Tangerine...
  9. IMG_20190328_062354.jpg


    One taskenti seedling made to green
  10. bigkahuna

    Bigkahuna's Second Grow: Jet Fuel Bagseed, Indoor, Soil, CFL To LED

    Hey everyone! This is my second grow ever, my first was documented here a little over 5 years ago. I still kept looking at people's journals though because i enjoy it so much. I have moved around quite a bit so I didn't get the chance to start another one until now. First seed showed root...
  11. 20190313_184758.jpg


    Babies are looking good
  12. I'mOne.lebanese.soil.16.jpg


    Lebanese regulars in soil. First one to pop the top.
  13. I'mOne leb seedlings6.jpg

    I'mOne leb seedlings6.jpg

    ACE lebanese regulars in clear cups germinated in paper towels then transferred to clear cups
  14. D

    CFL or LED?

    Hi, this is the first time that i grow cannabis. I have three plants that are 4 weeks old and i want to put them into flowering stage soon. They are currently sitting under a 200 watt LED grow light. The grow light itself is pretty small and I don't know if it will be able to cover all the...
  15. P

    Grow Light Help

    Alright so first timer here, growing Lowryder 2. I have a CFL 2700K 23W, also a 5000K LED light,then i have a LED Warm White 3000k 10W, and 4 9W LED grow strips. Which would be better growing these plants within the vegative/seedling stage. I have notice my plants being droopy and darker...
  16. D

    DankaTrons Pc Grow Northern Lights Fem Auto 2019

    Hey guys currently 1 week into my grow with my seedling growing strong. Ive got it under a 5500k cfl bulb in a pc box. the seeds were germinated in peat pellets , and transferred into general potting mix. I rushed transplanting the seedling and put it into too big of a pot , i was wondering if...
  17. B

    First grow - Looking for feedback

    I appreciate any feedback. This is my first post and my first grow. Built a 2x2x4 grow box and used cfls. What I’m really curious about is if you all think I’ll get a good yield from these. They hit week 4 of flower tomorrow. How are they looking for week 4? Plants are a Skunk #1 x Skunk #2...
  18. Stirstick

    First Grow DIY Box & Bagseed

    Hey there I have been lurking for a month or so as I start my first attempt at growing. I have been a regular user for 20 years and now with the legalization here in Canada I want to grow my own and save some cash in the long run. Decided to start the grow journal as I'm early on and wanted to...
  19. V

    CFL daylight grew fine, CFL soft light caused burning edges?

    Greetings all, I been growing an auto-feminized strain indoor without any extra nutes, just bottled water and fox farm soil. Was going great. I been using three CFL Daylight 60 watt lights that have a metal cylinder thing (name?) around so it focuses the light... for the first 4-5 weeks...
  20. K

    Is My LST On An Auto Correct? Journal

    I have started growing a sensi skunk auto in my closet, now check this as its the most basic set up you can think of. I got a tent and a 125watt cfl. That's it. Gonna put a little fan soon but don't know about lighting. It's my very first grow just seeing what happens, I'm at about 2 weeks after...
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