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Mars-Hydro LED Grow Light Discussion


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Thank you BID.these two weeks are very busy here. I will check all your journal at the beginning of July.


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yes, if your tent is 2''x4'' .160x3w will be better. 160x3w is a bit more powerful than 80x5w. 160x3w can replace 600w hps for sure.


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this is some grow result pictures from customer. it is 160x3w light.


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Dear LF, I will update the coverage information later.Thanks for your help. :thanks::high-five:


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I can't hardly wait to see B.I.D. rocking one of those LED lights. I think we'll see a bunch of new growers going all in LED by the time BID's done showing what they can do


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Yes, I think so. I have confidence that our customers will grow better and better with our led grow light. The gift light, we will send one to people who never use led grow light before. another one will be sent to the one who has enough experience on led grow light, then we can see if there is a difference. we make the same spectrum ratio for them. From our experience, People who has experience on led grow light will grow better. they know how to use led grow light properly.but we also want to give hope to the people who never use led grow light :)


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I am wondering if it is possible to add a coverage measurement on each light you sell.
This would help me as some of my grows would require 1 light 4'x4', and others 2 (4'x8')and others 4-6 (8'x8')
I would like to do this with 4-6 lights to allow for flexibility.
Hello LF, the Coverage information have been updated, you can check now.


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Sounds logical and fair. Can't wait to see them in action and how well they perform.
I don't know who has room for what but I do know Jon705 and buckshot are both super growers and have tons of LED grow experience. I have experience but not as much as those two:)


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thank you for your recommendation. I will go to contact with Jon705 or Buckshot, if they can help me, I will be very happy:) We will try our best to do what we can do :) All people is very friendly here.


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hey sara i wanted to tell you i have read about growing with led lights quite a bit and have followed several journals that used led, i have been researching led lights for a couple years because i have been planning on getting at least one as soon as i could afford it and found a company with a good product, i know its different than hps in several ways like you dont need as much water and nutrients, since there's not as much heat, and you have to be careful not to get young plants too close that are not used to the light because it can burn the leaves, i know certain ratio of wavelengths are important and spectrum of light is very important for proper growth, i think im quite ready to give it a go, so it not like i know nothing about them , i have done my homework lol:high-five:
i think your gonna love being a sponsor here, we are like a big family! :thumb:


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Hey BID, Thank you very much. you really know much about growing with led grow light. besides the information you metioned, you should take care the PH. most customers' plants died for the high PH. 6~7 will be fine, higher than 7, it will be harm to plants. On growing, I believe you are much more professional than me.so we believe you.

I like here, my new big family.:circle-of-love:


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wow Sara thank you what a nice thing to say! thats very sweet! i dont know about being a pro or not but i believe deeply in the healing power of cannabis, i think if i had not discovered it as a medicine i may not be alive today! and it has improved the quality of my life greatly and the lives of many of my family members and friends, my meds take care of me my girlfriend ,my mother who is in her 70s, brothers,sisters, they all depend on my harvests ,and most of the people here on 420mag are like family too, we all work together to improve and help each other along to being the best gardeners we can.
spiffy and i also have a veggie garden that we use to have extra high quality produce,in the winter we grow food indoors as well as the cannabis flowers, im taking some fresh pics tonight and i will post them in my journal, and some here too if you want, your invited to come to my journal and check it out post comments,questions ,pictures whatever you like, the link is the top one in my signature in red "5.1digital"
i keep ph in the proper range when i need to, the soil i use keeps its self at the proper ph i build the soil myself using coco coir as my base, and am working with a method called "high brix" and it grows plants any plants at their maximum genetic potential,its amazing high quality there are only a few of us growing this way but theres more and more all the time i think high brix,led and cbd are the future of cannabis culture,ok time to check on the girls! ttyl


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Hi Sara, welcome to :420:. I would be interested in trying out your lights,I have over 10 years growing experience indoors and I made the switch to led's almost 2 years ago now. Right now Im running four 600watt led's and two 1000watt hps. So if I was to journal one of your lights I could do a side by side by side lol...my led's compared to your led's compared to hps.My last round was a side by side comparison of 2000w hps vs 2400 watt led, and the results were very suprising. I took the 3 best plants from the hps side and the three best plants from the led side and compared those, theres was a 3 oz difference with the hps winning but the led's cover twice the area of the hps so I was very happy with the results and will be looking to go all led in the near future. Im in the process of building a 20 x30 foot growshop and will be needing at least twice as many led's as I have now just to fill my flower room and then probably 4 more for the veg room. Heres a few pics of my last grow.

and few more of the round I just started.Ive made several upgrades this round, a 1/2 hp chiller, 24 000btu mini split air conditioner and a 1000gpd reverse osmosis system, I have a feeling this will be my best round to date.
I also have a youtube channel that I showcase my lights and grows on, heres a vid from last round.
day 58 flower - YouTube
Heres the link to my current journal, hopefully I will see you there soon:)
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PS: here are the specs to my led's, Im not allowed to give they're name because the arent a sponsor here.
Unit size: 25.5″x25.5″
Power: 595w (actual draw)
Amps: 5 amps on 120V, and 2.5 amps on 240V
Full Spectrum: Range of 420-750nm
Equal to 1000watt HPS
Coverage area: 48″x48″
Recommended for seedlings, clones, vegging and flowering plants.

Height above canopy:

1/4 power for seedling and cuttings @ 40″-48″ above.

1/2 switches on in veg: start the plants at least 48″ above vegetating plants and let the plants grow up towards the light.

3/4 switches on in beginning stages of flower: Start flowering plants at 40″-48″ above and let the plants grow up towards the light. Flip to full power once the plants get used to the intense light.

Always watch for bleaching and plant stress, if this occurs, back the light off a couple inches, or simply turn off a switch.

More Specs:

Current: 600mA
6 large and quiet 120mm fans
Finned aluminum heat sink
80 degree secondary optics
4 individual switches to control different parts of the panel.
Worldwide voltage AC 85-264v
Modular design, 1 circuit board per 15 LEDs, 1 power supply per 2 circuit boards.

Our Spectrum:

Helixeon 6000k, Red & Deep Red 7:4:4

Color Spread:
420-500nm: 12%
501-600nm: 16%
601-700nm: 67%
701-750nm: 5%

Will grow a plant from seed to harvest.
40% savings in electricity.

A51 Flowering Spectrum

What are Helixeon LEDs: Helixeon, a solid-state lighting device, provides high luminous flux output with high efficiency. Helixeon is encapsulated in silicone by molding technology. Also, Helixeon is capable of standard lead free solder reflow process.

All top bin LEDs are used in every AF-600 to ensure top quality and efficiency.

Lifetime Warranty*
90 Day Money Back Guarantee
Free worldwide shipping!


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woah jon those are some niceplants/leds/setup, if im the non expierenced grower chosen for this i might have some questions for you!,
i forgot to mention to sara that i have a youtube channel also i did say i could do vids
anyway jon your setup is amazingim planning on building a room, instead of the 4 tents it will be the room the tents are in now lol imagine that i will prolly still run a tent for breeding/and or mothers,sara is really cool i think she might be off for the weekend, but we can sure give her lots the see and think about, im gonna post a couple pics from my recent update high brix seems to really work for the blue dream


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i was sitting here thinking about led lights dreaming about the day i can put my hids in storage, and reap the full benifits of lower power and heat,and i had an idea wouldent it be cool if an led manufacturer came up with a "photo" mode you could push a button a for a short time some white or whatever color would be needed for the perfect light spectrum for taking pictures maybe have a "natural" or "sunlight" setting that would automatically go back to "grow" mode after a certain amount of time thats safe for the plants to not miss out on any proper growith lighting maybe 10-15 min so you can get some shots of them in their normal place with perfect light for photos, it seems most ppl are taking pics of their grows wether or not they are keeping a journal, i know i did before i started journaling, im sure lots of ppl would like and use this feature.
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