Bill The Cat's LED Coco Grow - Afghan Ryder Kush Auto & Pakistan Ryder Auto

Tied down the Afghan today. Ran out of wire for the Paki. Photos to follow.




Paki pics as promised. Tied down and separated. Had a slight problem with Afghani. Was tucking leaves and got a little exuberant and had one of the nice branches, with lots of bud sites break. Oh well, just of of life's pranks on us. Taped it together so should be fine. Have had worse. Lights are rough.




Well, another Saturday and time for new pics. I did some more LST this morning to open up the middles. I'm am a sceptic and have always considered all these wonder nutes and additives as so much snake oil. I decided to try the AN bloom boosters. I have only used the Bud Ignitor and all I can say is I've never had bud sites like I have this time on both plants. If the rest work as advertised I am definitely a believer in these. With out further ado here's the Afghan Kush:



and the Paki:




Best of week ends to all.
Hello all. Time for an update. The afghan is doing great. Starting to put on some vertical growth and tons of bud sites. Looking forward to this girl.
The Paki is filling out but not much vertical growth. Still lots of bud sites. They are drinking about a liter per day. Ran straight water two times in a row. Thought I was maybe over feeding them. No tip burn or anything, just was up to more than the recommended amounts. So fed today with a lowered amount in the veg & bloom nutes.

Afghan Kush


Pakistan Ryder


Nice weekend to all.
Good afternoon everyone. Time for the weekly report. The Afghan is doing great. Did some defoliation to open up the bottom and center. I think it's done with it's growth. Is starting to show trichs. Doesn't seem that tall but is 12" tall plus what is horizontal. Every week I get surprised at the progress when I compare the previous weeks pics. As for the est. time for finish the earliest was this week and it sure won't be done in 2 more. I was really looking forward to it in another couple of weeks. Now I hope it takes longer so maybe more than an oz. for a change.
The Pakistan is kind of disappointing. Really short but I guess that must be the ryder in it. I has the most frost of the 2 so far. And really dark green. I had to do a lot more defoliation on her. She was packed so tight with leaves you couldn't see the pot.
Here's Afghan Kush








and Pakistan Ryder






Hope everyone stays medicated this weekend.
Looking awesome! Its great to have another fellow New Englander here to grow with! Im hoping this crazy heat is done for the year. It will be interesting to see how my 3rd grow does now that heat management isnt an issue. The current grow has been dealing with temps in the low 90s.

I know what you mean about the heat. There were some days had the a/c full blast and still up to 90s sometimes. Like your avatar. My best man's mother had a maine coon that looked like about a six year old when he'd sit in a chair like yours. No bong tho'. I think he was psychotic, he'd attack your legs at any time.
Late with the update. Both are doing good. Drinking a liter per day. Had some spots show up from calmag deficiency so upped the dose 1ml. The Pakistan is really putting out a lot of trichs. The vegetation is really thick on it. Branches are too thick to pull down any farther. Same problem that I had with a Bubblelicious Auto. It appears the buds on the Afghan Kush are starting to fill out some. Wondering now how long they will take as recommended time has come and gone and they're, hopefully, far from done. So here's yesterday's pics.

Afghan Kush






Pakistan Ryder








Talk to you next week.
Late on update again. They are both doing fine. Looks like maybe a couple of weeks to go. Not much aroma but both are quite sticky. Appears I will be kinda disappointed again on weight, but only get what they want to give. Hopefully next grow will be better. Just ordered a second Mars 300 LED. I figure it and a Mars II 400 in a 2'x2.5' tent will make them much happier. Dropped a Cream of the Crop - Cropical Fruit AUTO today. Does anyone have any experience growing it?
Here's pics

Afghan Kush





Pakistan Ryder






Well it's chop day for the Afghan Kush. Buds are bigger than I thought. It's super sticky and seems to be getting a nice aroma. Now I just hope this time I can do a better job of drying. The Pakistan Ryder will come down in a few more days.



Wow great journal. I'm on my first grow and noticed that if u put a photo plant into flower early while it's only 12 inches talk or so u can get it to look just like yours. I have a delicious seeds candy fem that is 45 days into flower and it's around 22 in tall now and has a similar structure to yours after a topping early and lst after. Maybe for more yield but smaller plant consider that on ur next grow.

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Thanks for the feed back Jgrowlove. Nice looking plants. I started with photos but was limited on size. Then I decided to try autos. I finally got enough room to get a tent and have been experimenting since. The Cropical Fruit I dropped was an immature seed so not viable. Then I dropped a Nirvana Bubblelicious. Gave up on that one after several days. So I dropped another one and am waiting on it. Have grow from the same batch of seeds before no problem so don't know what's up. If it doesn't pop then I'll have to wait until the 1st of Dec. 'cause I'm going back to Amsterdam for a week and don't want to have a plant that needs feeding and drinks a bunch of water. Be back when the Paki comes down.
Hey man plants are looking great! Hope this info helps with your coco grow.

The is a quote from ledrf.
1. Coco holds 30% oxygen when fully saturated.
2. If you let coco dry out, you will get lower yields and most likely nutrient issues because when the coco dries out, it leaves dry spots, where the roots dry up and die. That causes issues.
3. When you water every day or twice a day or ever three times a day, you are replacing all the oxygen the plant used up, thus letting it grow faster. You are also replacing any nutrients the plant used up with fresh nutrients. This is why I water every day with nutrients.
4. You get hydroponic results. Fast growth. Bigger yields.

How to water Marijuana growing in coco - YouTube

This thread has great info if you haven't seen it. I dont use the same nutes but I make it work for me.
How I grow in coco Youtube videos and pics

This is what I'm planning for my next grow.
Coco hydro organic - Easy & cheap - Water daily

You got this!
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