1. J

    Jardinero - Spanish for hard money

    So now that California is recreational I will continue to do what I have been doing for years... grow me some backyard boogie...don't tell my neighbors please
  2. R

    Help me understand GH Floranovas feeding chart using soil

    Hello everyone! My first post on this board! :cheertwo: I tried to find a nutrient sub forum but I couldn't find anything, so apologies if this is in the wrong section. I'm hoping to get some clarification so I can wrap my old stoner brain around this feeding schedule when using soil. I've...
  3. Dmanlee

    New to 420 and new to growing - Check out my journal and join me in my journey

    Join me on my adventure this is only my second grow and will be topping and lsting my 5 autoflower 2 Pineapple Kush 1 express 1 cheese and 1 Girl Scout cookies .. Should be fun stop In click some likes share some info and tips and just to chat .. Happy growing everyone Autoflowers...
  4. JackRedins

    Newbie to indoor

    hey guys I've been growing outdoors since '78. Today I started 5 seeds germinating for an indoor grow. They are auto flower and i'm finding all kinds of conflicting info regarding light time for growth vs flower. some say 20 4 some 18 6 and some say 12 12. with so many choices how...
  5. L

    Cool Breeze OG Beginner Grow

    This is my flower. Her name (im assuming its female) is Cool Breeze OG. I found a few seeds in a personal batch of mine and decided to try and get them to sprout. Only one did and here she is now. I dont remember what strain its originally from, so I named her Cool Breeze. It is 2/1/18, and the...
  6. G

    Any advice?

    So here's a pic of my dwarf low flyer @ 21 days I have fertilized her twice with a very diluted BC grow mix n the next week the bloom and I think it's just some burn from my nutes but I'm not sure the tips of a few of the leaves are a lil discolored n some of them look like they are being...
  7. baxbax

    Best pH for calcium in coco coir

    I just have some calcium deficiency in coco I use ro water but add (24 drops of liquid contain 10 percent calcium and 2 percent mg) for 2 litre water , I add ph down to mix and bring it down to 5.9 and still have calcium deficiency , what is best ph for maximum calcium uptake in coco coir ...
  8. HayStack

    First Clones

    Actually, these are not the first clones I have ever grown. I have created a few a long long time ago when I was just a young man. But that was wayyyyyyy back in the 1980's. It's been a long time and I don't even remember exactly how I did it. The only thing I remember is that I used Rootone...
  9. C

    2 Blue Dream - Second Grow - CannaCoco - LED - 2018

    Good evening everyone. I am a new grower from Canada. I decided to start growing weed a few months ago. I started reading about it and looking at videos on youtube. At first I thought it would be easy to grow weed. I am used to grow basil and other vegetables but I realized at my first grow...
  10. Justones

    Buying seeds

    So I was looking at herbies for some seeds. Choose some. Then see theres no credit card or paypal. Just bank transfer, cash or bitcoin. I dont know about doing a bank transfer, I dont have anything bitcoin. What the heck man? Is this just how it is now?
  11. C

    New grower from Canada!

    Good afternoon everyone. I usually never post messages on forums but since I am getting so much information from here, I thought I would introduce myself today. So I just started growing weed 2 months ago. I did some tests at the beginning and set up my grow tent lights and everything. I first...
  12. D

    Hey fellow folks who appreciate one of the good things in life albeit there are many

    i'm calling myself dirtdancer cause growing pot makes me happy. My late husband was growing for the last 5 years of his life and i must have picked up some knowledge by osmosis. But I have lots of questions just can't remember them at the moment. thanks for all the information in advance.
  13. O

    Basic questions I can't find the answers to

    Hi, im a new grower and the last 2-3 months Ive started my first grow und read a lot about cannabis but some basic questions I couldnt find the answers to. 1. My tap water has a very bad cal/mag ratio 11:1 (70mg/l cal and 6mg/l mag) should I add some magnesium to get a 3:1 ratio ? AND...
  14. CannabiSteve

    Hello all

    Hello from AK everyone. Just a little about me, I'm a combat vet that stayed in AK when my service time was up in 2013. I then went straight into cultivating my own medicinal cannabis. Then when our state legalized recreational cannabis that became my new life. I left my job as a sheet metal...
  15. P

    White Cookie & Sour Jack Under 315W CMH: First Real Grow

    Hello all - Getting back in the game after a half-assed attempt at growing 5 or 6 years ago. Tried DWC with two plants in a 4x4 tent and some DIY HPS street lights rigged up. This time around I'll be using some better supplies and really work at doing this the right way. My setup: 1 -...
  16. G

    Having great success treating cat for itching: patches of fur scratched off

    This cat has been sick for years. Took him to the vet and he said he had allergies. All they could do was give him a shot of steriods costing over $100 dollars. The shots helped to some extent but are out of the question due to costs and hassle of taking the animal to the vet. So I...
  17. Y

    Help identifying issue with yellow brown crispy leaves

    Hi I need some help identifying the cause of this issue. 90% of the leaves on the plant appear deep green and healthy with no abnormalities at all, but there are a couple of spots where they appear to have some issue in that they are yellow/browning, and in some places completely charred. A...
  18. S

    Help me spend some money!

    Help me spend $1000 (or maybe a little more). I'm about to put together a grow space and want some suggestions. I've got a 20 plant ACMPR license, but don't necessarily have to have all 20 going at the same time. I'm planning on eventually having a separate space for veg/flower, but at the...
  19. T

    Help! Any info or opinion welcome - DOT drug test

    Hey guys, so I'm going to try and lay out my position as clearly as possible. I'm hoping to get some feedback on what some people with more experience in this area than I can give. I work for a company where I have to have a Class E license (drive for hire license in my state) I am aware that...
  20. dieselskunk

    Single seed in non pollinated Skunk#1 regular

    I grew some skunk#1 regular last year when the pot laws changed. I had hoped to get some seed but I had all females ( yea I know what problem) I had wanted to get some seeds that I could breed year after year and skunk is a stable breed. I had over 4 oz of bud with no seed. I tried to flip a...
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