Aurora Indica Feminized - Soil - LED

Do a little research on Aurora Indica flower and stretch. She is a strain the does not move a whole lot when flipped your lucky if she gets one size bigger these plants don't double or triple size in flower. My last round I just had the one plant and vegged it for 6 weeks the plant was less than a foot tall when finished and the buds were small I maybe got 22 dry grams. this is a strain you want to veg as long as possible to get decent bud production.

damn it !! i didn't knew that :( !!! i'll guess id be having that microgrow buds lol .... thanks for the info !! im begining week 2 of flowering but like you said , there is no significant stretch these days :( , on my previous grow, these days, the plant was stretching like crazy
Hey guys just an update sorry for no pics. I checked on my girs this morning and the monsterous lady in the back fell over last night shes to top heavy. I have her propped up now. They are both mostly covered in red hairs. I checked the Trics theres a few amber the rest are opaque. I'm going to harvest this sunday the 27th. I WILL have pics next update don't worry. Stay Tuned! :cheer:
Hope all is well in your world.

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plants don't have light receptors, under the leaves. the cfls, would be getter as satalite bulbs, around top or sides, of plants.
ive got five from fem seeds, they have been in four gallon pots now for a week or so. they are mayber a foot tall. growing, for sure, I keep raising the t-5 above them. all seem to look the same. I grew this before. and it was fire. very gooey. slightly harsh, acidic taste to her. not sure what I should be looking for, as far as pheno. I heard not to go with a hairy one. go with the smooth buds? they all seemed to finish at about 60-63 days, and did not like being topped. they like to make their large, central cola. today. I'm going to cut four cuttings, off each one, and see what I end up with. which ever one turns out the dankest, I will keep its clone.
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