Felonious Punk's & HashGirl's First Indoor Auto Grow - 2017

Thank you, Oldbear. We ended up leaving the leaves on and the buds are now poking through no problem.

Two alternatives to consider: pull them down and open up the middle by LST methods, or tucking them behind other branches.

I prefer to leave them on during veg stages (with my wealth of experience lol $0.02 ) because they are big solar collectors and O2/CO2 breathers.

That said, my 2016 mini grow I took some off 2 of 4 plants with no noticeable visual difference to the (Non auto) plant. Cant say if it changed yield, flavor because there were too many other issues.
Good afternoon.

It's time to post this week's photos. Dark 1 has really shot up this week. Personally, I preferred the way she looked when she was short and bushy. Now she's kind of spindly.

Dark 2 is looking a bit peaked with droopy leaves and the bottom leaves appear to be a bit yellow. Any suggestions on what might be causing it? Felonious thinks maybe he might have overwatered a bit.

North 3 is doing a little better but considering she's at Day 23, she should be doing a lot better. I told Felonious that we might have enough for one joint from her when she's done. :laughtwo:

Anyways enough chatter, it's time to post the photos. I apologize for the quality of them this week. They seemed a bit blurrier than previous ones.

DAY 28 - PHOTO 1 - DARK 2


DAY 28 - PHOTO 2 - DARK 2


DAY 28 - PHOTO 4 - NORTH 2

DAY 28 - PHOTO 5 - NORTH 2

DAY 23 - PHOTO 6 - NORTH 3

DAY 23 - PHOTO 7 - NORTH 3

DAY 14 - PHOTO 8 - TRAIN 1

DAY 14 - PHOTO 9 - TRAIN 1

DAY 14 - PHOTO 10 - TRAIN 2

DAY 14 - PHOTO 11 - TRAIN 2

And, now for the star of our grow - Dark 1

DAY 28 - PHOTO 12 - DARK 1

I should have taken a better photo but with the lights off. Oh well, live and learn.

DAY 28 - PHOTO 13 - DARK 1

DAY 28 - PHOTO 14 - DARK 1


And, that's it. Again I'm sorry about the blurriness. I'll try to do better next week.
We'll always welcome another Canadian (and anyone else, too) to our grow journal. Where in Canada are you from Scrogdawg?

Interesting grow.

I'll sub in just to bolster up the already healthy Canuck contingent in here. Hope ya don't mind.
Thank you, Oldbear. We ended up leaving the leaves on and the buds are now poking through no problem.

THats great. Have you checked out Bodystream. I have no experience with them but someone else mentioned them in the Canada forum.
Monday February 13, 2017

Good Morning,

It has been a tough couple of days in the Grow Tent. Both Dark Devils are looking peakid. They, along with the Northern Lights are planted in Pro-Mix High Porosity.

DD2 started curling her leaves under after watering on Thursday. DD1, while looking scrawny to HashGirl didn't look too out of sorts until this morning. I had waited a few days to make sure DD2 wasn't just overwatered. When I checked this morning the soil had dried noticeably. I was thinking Nitrogen Toxicity was the culprit. When I was mixing nutrients on Thursday I may have mixed up the 1.1-0-0 water (for the dd's) with the 10-54-10 indoor tree mixture. So I flushed both plants hoping to reverse this trend. Hope I got it right.

When I phoned HashGirl to give her an update I mentioned DD1 looked like the Hash Plant issues I had last summer. It might be the hard water from my well. By then I had already flushed with the hard water, missing a chance to flush with "clean" store bought water. So water might be the core issue, not nutrients.

Northern Lights 2 has really filled out. She's not more than 6" tall but is a sea of green right across her container. NL3 got root booster the last 2 waterings, and while she has probably doubled in size, she is still a runt.

The two Train Wrecks are doing fine. They are in Pro-Mix organic soil.

Best wishes from me too you guys.

Hope things turn around for the sick girls. Sounds like you've got a handle on it anyways. Good luck, hope to hear better news soon.
So Felonious and I just aren't sure if the Dark Devil Autos are doing what they're supposed to do or whether there's something wrong that we need to fix before they die. Consequently, I'm posting some mid-week photos in the hope that someone here can help us diagnose the problem or tell us that everything is fine. But they really are looking quite sad especially Dark 2, in my opinion.


Hope someone can help.
Tuesday February 10 2017, 17:30hrs

Hi All,

Still don't know what is what, but we have a plan.

We are going to let the Dark Devils be for another 24 to 48hrs and see what happens. If they don't respond to yesterday's flush with well water we might try store bought water.

I used a pencil to aerate the soil in both Dark Devils. Maybe some oxygen will help.

I am planning on watering the Train Wrecks tomorrow. From here on TW1 I will get store bought water. On TW2 I will only use well water. Being in different soil than the other plants, this experiment will only address the water issue (to a limited extent), but it will be experience and insight that I might be able to use another time.

I'm looking for input on electronic gauges (water, soil, others?) that will help my set up and monitor the next grow.

Here are 2 pictures of a fan leaf I pulled off Dark Devil 1, the taller Devil.



Woo Hoo! :woohoo:

Peace. :peace:
:welcome: Ken. We always have room for one more -- Canuck or no. Glad you're here.

:popcorn: Hope you have room for another Canuck. Good luck with you're issue, Lot of good help out there
You might want to check your plants for a pest called thrips. They are really tiny, white looking things that crawl all over the top and underside of your leaves. I had them and it caused almost the exact same deficiency which looked nutrient related but wasn't at all. Take a very close look at all your leaves and see if you can spot any, if so that's your problem and a good Spinosad product can fix that. Organic and safe to use day up until harvest

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