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Howdy Everyone

This will be my 2nd outdoor attempt this year. The first met a tragic and murky end, see my sig if you didn't ride along for that one.

I've decided to try my hand at producing my own quality seeds. The prices for quality genetics are getting out of hand so I figured what the hell. Going to do 3gal fabric pots, will probably go with fox farm ocean forest soil because its easily accessible and I can pay cash locally for it. If my guy has Bio Bizz I might try that, heard a lot of good things about them recently. Going to try my hand with their outdoor nutrients as well.

I'll be placing an order from the attitude tomorrow for the following seeds -

10x FEM - 'Auto Dark Devil' from Sweet Seeds out of Spain.
20x REG - 'Short Mix' from Short Stuff Seeds

Auto Dark Devil created by crossing Big Devil XL Auto with Exotic Purple Ruderalis. Due to its parents heritage it has very nice purple hues. This variety is a strong, vigorous and Indica-Sativa looking like structure. Created hybrid has strong main stem with many side branches which finishes with a big main cola. Its buds are massive and filled with huge amount of aromatic resin. In the end of flowering stage they will turn into dark purple colour almost black. The aroma is a combination of incense, sweets and fruits with citrusy undertones.
Genetics : Big Devil XL Auto x Exotic Purple Ruderalis
Flowering Time : 57-63 Days
Sex : Feminized
Type : Indica / Sativa / Ruderalis
Area : Indoor and Outdoor
SHORT MIX - Get a real bargain with our 20 seed regular mixed pack which includes all of our great auto flowering strains plus some experimental surprises. This is a great way to get your hands on a wide range of cannabis genetics so you can work out what kind of autoflowering cannabis strain suits you.
The shortstuff mix contains, a random mix of dwarf, mid-sized and next generation auto flowering cannabis seeds from the Shortstuff seeds range of seeds.
As with all shortstuff strains you can expect explosive growth, big buds, pungent and fruity aromas and a final product that easily matches the quality of traditional photo-period cannabis strains.

The plan is to germinate 5x of the DD along with 10 of the Short Mix in the hopes that I get a few males from the mix.
I'll be picking out the strongest male of the short mix and will circle all of the females around him, including any females that will be in the short mix.
Since my main concern is seeds I'll just be letting them grow naturally with as little assistance as possible other than minimal feedings.

If it's a bust or if I can't beat the first hard freeze, oh well I'll still have my backups along with whatever freebies they have going on for next season. Hell I might even take my old ass inside for the winter.

So yeah, sub up and stay a while. :welcome:
Hope all is well in your world.

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