Felonious Punk's & HashGirl's First Indoor Auto Grow - 2017

Hi All,

With the addition of a couple Boveda packs the Dark Devils are bouncing back in their jars. Those things are so awesome!

Here are the latest of the two Train Wrecks.



Today I jarred The Runt. I am pleased that she came in at 34g!!! I thought we weren't going to get anything from it. Cool.

So it is looking like this crop could come in above 150g. Not great, but better than nothing.

The buds on the Train Wrecks are solid. Can't wait for them.:cheer:

First review on the Dark Devil is in and it is positive. I'll let someone else tell it.
Peace. :peace:
Hi All,

With all the comings and goings around here I let the Dark Devils over dry. Not the end of the world, I' got Boveda 62% packs set to arrive today.

Peace. :peace:

They help so much!
After harvest, the humidity inside the jars was up to 69%. With time, it stabilized on 62.

They are really good.
Thank you, Woody! Hope you had a great day as well!

Good afternoon.

We're just about at the end of our first indoor grow. The Northern Lights and the Dark Devils have both been harvested and are in the process of being dried. The Trainwrecks are at Day 92 today and look ready to harvest as well but Felonious ran out of time today so he might get to them tomorrow. It's tricky during the week as we've had people here working in the yard during the week as we're doing some renovations.

In the meantime, I've taken some photos of the Trainwrecks and here they are:

Trainwreck 1

Trainwreck 2

And, that's it. Hope you enjoyed them.


Them is chunky ass buds for the size of the plants.. Hope she smokes well for ya... GL and Keepem Green
I know, right? They're the best colas we got from all 6 plants. Can't wait to see what it tastes like.

Them is chunky ass buds for the size of the plants.. Hope she smokes well for ya... GL and Keepem Green
Hi All,

As we wind down this first indoor grow I went back and reviewed the journal.

The biggest success of this grow are the Train Wrecks with those beautiful colas. They weren't even part of the grow when we planned it. But as the wheels came off and we lost a couple plants, I knew I wanted to get back on the horse and try growing more. It didn't make sense to wait for the outdoor grow. So off to the seed shop I went.

Getting the pH right saved the Dark Devils and the Northerns. While the Train Wrecks weren't without some minor problems, they gave me confidence that I can learn to be patient and pay closer attention to the subtle details. We are in the process of planning our summer grow. I've got two Freedom Dreams that are now about a half inch tall. I plan on planting more of these, mostly for export to public sites. There are a few Durban Poisons and CB Dutch treats to get started soon, plus maybe a Kush or something.

We are looking to have enough dried and cured by the end of the season that we can make and mix oils tailored to HashGirl's medical needs. This is easier than breeding. Though, maybe someday, I'd like to take a crack at that.

Peace. :peace:
I'm afraid that both of you are pretty late to the show as we literally are just about at the end. All we need to do is harvest the Trainwrecks and then we're done. We'll be starting a summer grow soon but I'm not sure whether we're journalling it or not. Felonious and I still need to have that conversation. :winkyface:

But if we do start a new journal, I (and Felonious) will have the link in our signature lines so keep an eye out.

In the meantime, have a great day my friends.


I'm totally down. I will buckle in for the ride. ;) I'm gonna invite my friend along so if you have any troubleshooting needs he'll be here to help. Have a kush day!

Hey Felonious & Hashgirl ill take a seat for this grow show. :thumb:
Hi All,

This grow is coming to an end. I cut the Train Wrecks down this morning. The big cola (wet) from Train 1 weighed in at 42grams. We will weigh it again when it is dried.

The next grow has already begun. We've got 2 Freedom Dreams in soil and we will be germinating Durban Poison and CB Dutch Treat soon. Several other seeds might get germinated for our summer grow. It will all get sorted out by the end of the month. Look for a new grow journal.

Peace. :peace:
Hi All,

Here are four pics from yesterday. The cola is from Train Wreck 1. The other two pics are from just before harvesting. They are drying in the tent now.





Peace. :peace::peace::peace:
Hi All,

Today we end this grow. All told we made our goal of 200g, with a half oz to spare. That is amazing considering the trouble we got into.

Thanks to All for their help and support. If you are so inclined, join us on our summer grow.

FeloniousPunk. :peace:
Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

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