SHRuuM's 1st Grow Journal Of NL - TW & EM

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So its day 42 of flowering and time for an update. I've watered twice this week with my well water which is 6.4 PH right out of the faucet, and this coming week they will get more nutes going into the home stretch before flush. The pollination of the Early Miss is a roaring success. The only bough pollinated is now growing seeds and the rest of the plant is unaffected, which to me is a SWEET and a positive result for the E.M that went rogue on me and went male. Both Train wrecks and Northern lights are starting to get some nice sticky resins going, and the slight smell coming from the tent is divine. Here is a couple of shots of the Early Miss and if you look closely you'll see the seeds starting to grow.


and one of the Northern Lights
Things are going very nicely around here. Nice work shruum! A few more weeks and those buds will be ripe for the picking. Keep up the good work and...

KiG :green_heart:cheers

Yeah one of the Train Wrecks is ready for picking and the others will be getting flushed. I'm leaving the pollinated Early Miss for dead last and some Afghan, Zeus, and Original skunk seeds will be starting to soak tomorrow. Glad to see you up and around after you're sickness Snid, glad to have you back. Soon to be....:tokin:
Its day 49 of flowering and the girls are coming into the home stretch and looking fine. This first pic of one of my Train Wrecks is frosty with resins and the hairs are getting red. She'll be the 1st to harvest next week.

This is her full shot

Here is a close up of the Early Miss bough that was pollinated and the seed pods are getting fat. Again there is no harm or pollination to the other nugs.

And here she is. She needs a hair cut BAD!

This is my stubby little Train Wreck #2. Nice hairs and starting to frost up.

This last shot is the broken Northern Lights. She has survived and done well considering the ham handed klutz that dropped a fan on her and broke her in half.

These girls will all be harvested by the end of the month and although yield will be small, they will more than make up for it in tasty goodness.
Right now I'm in the process of starting 3 seeds each of Original Skunk, Afghani, Morpheus, And Zeus. Although these are regular seeds, I'm not worried since I'll do some breeding to obtain more seeds. I'll be starting a journal on these babies and they will benefit from mistakes made. I hope you guys will join in when I get the journal going, which will be soon. Stay tooned for updates on the start.:thanks:
Day 58 of flowering and all the plants have started their flush except one TrainWreck which was harvested yesterday. Looks like Early Miss will be next since the flush has started her leaves to turn golden. I started 4 Sativa strains last week to give them a head start on a batch of feminized auto strains. If all goes to plan Zeus, Skunk, Morpheus, and an Afghan will be ready to flower by the time TrainWreck, Northern Lights,and Early Miss are ready to start their flowering run. These will be the focus of my second journal which will start soon.

Here is the TrainWreck drying in the tent

The golden Early Miss with her seeds ready to go

The other TrainWreck

And last the surviving broken Northern Lights that has done quite well considering......

While waiting on the girls, over the weekend I built a draining table as an upgrade to the tent. Not only will it be easier to access the plants, I won't have to worry about spills. I like that the rubberized mat is Canadian approved.:laughtwo:
Nine days ago I start 12 seeds. Three each of Morpheus, Skunk, Zeus, and Afghan. Only 3 have germinated, 2 Skunks and 1 Morpheus but nothing from Zeus and Afghan. They are still on the germination pad and if nothing happens this week I'll have to get with CKS. But I'm hoping and not giving up. Here is what I have so far, a Skunk on the right was the first, the Morpheus on the left was yesterday and the middle is a Skunk put in soil today.
The soil consists of:
3 gallons HF
1 gallon coco
1 gallon perlite
2 cups worm castings
2/3 cup of lime
2 Tablespoons of Polymers
And we're of and growing again... Are you starting a new Journal or continuing here? Good luck on the last sprout...

KiG :green_heart:cheers

Not sure yet. I was thinking of a new journal but with the new seedlings started, and more to come in the next 2 weeks, I thought I might just continue with this one, what do you think Snid? I was going to start a Sativa/Indica journal but with the failure of Zeus, Afghan and only one Morpheus, making it, it seems moot. I did start soaking the last of the Northern Lights, Early Miss and TrainWreck so they could grow together, but the failure has messed up my one month delay of autos. Oh by the by I used one of your ideas to salvage the old grow closet, do you recognize this? Thanks for the idea.:thanks:

powered by.....
Yeah Snid after looking at the girls, they aren't quite ready for harvest, and in comparison to you and Old School I think I'll roll along with this journal for a few days and crank up another in a day or two if I have have any success with the autos. Thanks for all you and OS has taught an old guerilla about new indoor techniques.
Yeah Snid after looking at the girls, they aren't quite ready for harvest, and in comparison to you and Old School I think I'll roll along with this journal for a few days and crank up another in a day or two if I have have any success with the autos. Thanks for all you and OS has taught an old guerilla about new indoor techniques.
It's been fun Shruum, I'd say start a new Journal and link to it from here so people can just hop over to it. I'll be there front row for sure. And as always...

KiG :green_heart:cheers
Checked on the girls and they are still going strong and probably need another week before harvest. With this in mind I started flushing them out. In the mean time I've started a new journal and hope you'll come over and watch the progress on Skunk, Morpheus[regular seeds], Early Miss, Train Wreck, Northern Lights and Green Crack [auto-feminized]. Looks like I'll have my hands full timing Sativa's and Indica's to harvest about the same time give or take a few weeks.:lot-o-toke:

SHRuuM's 2nd Journal - Skunk - Morpheus - Early Miss - Trainwreck - NL - Etc
Day 65 of flowering and the 3 girls are showing no signs of being done. Still putting out nice white hairs and getting fat.
Here's 2 pics of TrainWreck 2......


Early Miss's leaves are turning golden but still putting out resins and nice white hairs

And last but not least the broken Northern Light


I was going to take them at the end of June but they aren't quite ready. They only have 2 weeks before the new girls move in and the light goes back to 18/6 hrs.
Day 71 of flowering and its time to take the last 3 plants. Although small in yield these girls are VERY sticky. I couldn't put them outside to grow and finish up due to the heavy rains and flooding here in Texas, so they suffered through high heat in the grow room that has since been converted to a seedling nursery, with a grow tent in its place. All in all its been successful with the pollinating of one branch on an Early Miss, and the survival of the Northern Light that was split in two at the beginning of flowering. The grow tent will have a couple of improvements by the time the next batch of seedlings are ready to move in. A new grow/drain table will be added along with new ventilation. So here's pics of the harvest.

Early Miss

With the branches gone and some trimming of fan leaves

Here's the pollinated cola. I wonder how many seeds I'll get?

A stubby little TrainWreck that is OH SOOO sticky:drool:

Her colas after de-branching

Here is the broken Northern Light healed branch, note the scar tissue

And the yield from the Broken Northern Light

A person can learn a lot from failures more so than from successes. As an out door guerilla farmer for over 4 decades, I learned quite a lot from other grower's journal like Old School, Snid, Dick, and many others on indoor growing methods. So thanks a bunch to the people in this forum that has taught me new methods and techniques which will carry over to the next grow which will be quite ambitious. Sativas, Indicas, auto-feminized, feminized and regular seeds. It should be interesting with this batch, I wonder what problems I'll run into.:Namaste:

Come visit sometime and see what's going on. SHRuuM's 2nd Journal - Skunk - Morpheus - Early Miss - Trainwreck - NL - Etc
Thank you:420:
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