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I was actually waiting for some sort of joke relating this surgery to my nickname,

I laid off of it as long as I could but you were just too wide open for it.:Namaste:

GTHM, did you say your drum set? Or is this another euphemism?

Unfortunately no, it's a reference to the movie "step brothers " , Will Farrell rubs his (fake) hairy balls all over his step brothers drum set and a war ensues. Sooo funny.

Thanks for the good laughs you guys!
Glad to see I could somehow contribute to your netflix and chill life shruum! lmao

What a laugh this was... :rofl: Up until today I didn't think I would be able to laugh about something like this so soon lol thanks you 2

The girls are starting to stretch their legs and enjoying life. Yesterday they were watered with straight well water at 6.5 PH, out of the faucet. Right now I'm watering on Wednesday, with straight water, and Sunday with a heavy dose of nutes. The formula will change going into the second month when it will be nutes on both days.

here's a hack for those of you that use scrogs but have a hard time watering your plants. The water can was from the Dollar store and the tubing was fuel line for my motorcycle but could be had at any hardware store.


Here's a shot of the girls in their scrog enjoying the life :smokin:

A WW stretching her legs

and a top shot, sorry I couldn't get the darn thing to turn sideways after many tries

That's all for this week, thanks for dropping by.:thanks:
Toon in next week's episode of "How Green Is My Garden":rofl::rofl::rofl:
Looking good my friend! you actually have quite a bit of room for watering your plants the way they are set up under the scrog. Where I use a solo cup to feed most of my plants that would be simple for me to water, but they way my plants are set in the room and scrogs that watering can idea is perfect! I think I even have a watering can here that I could take the end off of, but I should just get a new one this weekend if we go to town!

Are you going to be pulling back any more branches in the scrog net or is it set now to just take off? I actually ended up weaving some of my bigger branches that may need support, it wasn't to bad, hope it helps.
Are you going to be pulling back any more branches in the scrog net or is it set now to just take off? I actually ended up weaving some of my bigger branches that may need support, it wasn't to bad, hope it helps.

Yeah dick, as the lower branches get taller I weave them in as well. About every 3 to 4 days now I do a little re-weaving until I can't do it anymore.:thumb:
Right on, I figured that would be the best way to go to help give the branches some kind of support since I don't know what these plants grow like when flipped. will be interesting to watch both of these at the same time :)
Really helpful tip there with the tubing on the end of the water-can, if it's flexible also makes me think I could control the flow even better with squeezing. Thanks, and nice grow!

I raise and lower the can to control the flow. A little practice and you'll get the idea.:high-five:
Thanks G2HM, the green room is doing great and I will post up pics later. I"ve been negligent in my postings do to the wife's health issues that have been progressively getting worse, headaches, ear aches and the loss of control in her right hand. Last week they did an MRI on her and found a mass in her brain! Between driving a 100 mile trip every day since last Mon., taking care of the 2 GSD's, 10 acres, the house and myself, I haven't had much time to do anything else. I've watched your journal closely and have compared your condition to the wife's, although I pray to all that is holy this is not your fate. They operated on her Thurs. removing one mass and will treat the other 2 with radiation. Right now I'm on my way back to the hospital to visit my honey, and i want to show a pic of where they went into her brain. I know this is off topic and hard to see and deal with but I had to get this off my chest and i promise i won't say anything more about this subject only the joy of growing.
I'm completely blown away. I gave my husband a hug right away. My hands shake as I read your post over and over again. Similar symptoms for sure. You may notice cognitive differences right away similar to mine for sure. Are you going to try CBD oil? Will your grow help her in anyway, pain relief?

I have so many questions but all I want to do is give you a big hug and tell you, that you're going to be alright. You are doing the best you can, is there anyone that can help you? Just such a tough situation, except I know the shock is taking over, even adrenaline to get through the day, to put on a smile for your GSD's.

You're a great caregiver, even to your moms a while back. My husband and I are sending our love and compassion. If you ever need anything...I'm pretty understanding of all things brain. You will adapt and provide, because you're her rock. I promise not to bring it up as I want to honour your words by not bringing it up. But us brain people like to stick together. I'm here in spirit and support. Your sis :love:


:welcome: to this weeks' update and to say the girls are doing great is an understatement. They are still stretching and now starting to fill out. It doesn't look like it but I've been cutting the fan leaves[next grow fertilizer:cheesygrinsmiley:] back to let the light through to the lower buds. For those that have come in late I will recap a little bit. These babies did not have any fertilizer in the veg stage except what was in the soil[2 old pots of soil mixed with 1 new pot of soil] and dried up fan leaves from the Green Crack grow and ashes mixed in. As you can see this works really well. Not only will this let you save money on the veg stage but also has no salts left behind so the roots can absorb ALL the nutes from the blooming stage.:high-five:

So here's a shot of the White Cookies

White Widows

and a shot of the family with the light off. The WCs are on the left and the WWs on the right

as you can see the girls are doing fine and headed for bigger and better buds, I CAN'T WAIT!!:drool::drool:
So that's it for this week, stay tooned for episodes of "How Green Is My Garden":rofl::rofl::rofl:
Thank you G2HM for the kind words. I was writing up the post and hit send when I saw your post. I can't give her any CBDs cause we live in a backward ass state that requires drug testing before she gets her monthly refill of her pain pump. She has had RSD [reflux sympathy disease] since 05. This is a degenerative nerve disease and there is no cure. I would have loved to give her CBDs years ago but we just can't do that. If she came up dirty they would NOT give her any medication and she would die! Again thanks to you and your hubby for the love and prayers and if I have to vent or ask questions I will PM you and keep it out of the journals.:circle-of-love::circle-of-love:
My brain has a question, how are you avoiding the salts residue? Also, I get a cal mag lockout almost every time I hit flowering stage. How do I avoid that? I think I am using minimal amount of Cal Mag, but then it turns out I'm not using enough. Am I confused, yuuup!

Great update, your plants are tantalizing. ;)

Ok #1. since I only used water and no chemical nutes during the veg stage there are no salts introduced into the system I did, however, used Cal_mag [1 tsp per gallon] 2 weeks before the flip to 12/12. I would try this out and use Cal-Mag sparingly. Also there is NO need to use chemicals on each watering. Even now I water with straight well water, that has a PH of 6.5 out of the tap, on wed. and nutes on Sunday. This also helps in reducing salts around the roots. Happy roots, happy plants to turn a phrase.:cheesygrinsmiley:
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