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WEEK 15 DAY 186

:welcome: Today I harvested GCF#5 and it was a hell of a yield! Although GCF#4 was in the dark with #5 for 3 days it was obvious that it wasn't quite ready so I watered with straight well water and put her back in the tent with the other girls who are still going strong and not ready for harvest yet. I might have to harvest the other 4 sooner than I like since the WW's and WC's are more than ready for transplant and move to the tent.:cheesygrinsmiley:
So here's the pics from #5's yield.

First break down

Bud #1 of 4 BIG buds



Bud #4 the top and biggest[I couldn't hold my arm far enough out to get this shot:drool:]

The buds hanging to dry. Now you get an idea how big and bad the top is compared to the others which aren't shabby themselves.

And the rest of the buds that couldn't be hung.

That's 1 down and 4 to go. I must say that if you have the time these girls are well worth it.:Namaste: Big FAT, heavy, sticky buds seem to be the norm with this strain and I can't wait to taste it.:hookah: I'll get a dry weight in a few days and post up so stay tooned for more of "How Green Is My Garden".:rofl::rofl::rofl:

I thought you were arm wrestling -♀️ with those buds, they were so huge!!! Congratulations you totally deserve it, wikked job done.
Did you get a final weigh in? -♀️

Sorry it took so long to get back to you GTHM but things are still chaotic here at the hacienda. Yes I was able to get a little time to myself to weigh #5 and catch up on things.:cheesygrinsmiley:
GCF#5 had an amazing yield. AFTER removing all the stems the total count was:
buds on floor-25g
tops without the big top in the middle-87g
and the big top by itself-31g
for a total of 143 grams or 5.1 oz! AMAZING!!

SO after 16 weeks, 193 days the other 4 GCs were put in the dark in Unca Sneaky Snid's Memorial Nursery/Drying room and will be de-stemmed as soon as I can. Although this strain took FOREVER to finish, the yield proves the wait is worth it.:slide: Here's some pics of #5's roots

and here's the harvest in jars all de-stemmed. Notice the tall jar on the right, that is the big bud top that was front and center of the pictures.

I also managed to get the 2 WW's and WC's transplanted and in the tent. Here are the healthy roots of a WW just before transplanting.

and the 2 WW's and 2 WC's before going in the tent

I'm following up on OS's experiment of re-using the soil with a couple of extras of my own. I went with the 2 old soils from the autos harvested pots to 1 new soil and the the formula used:
3 gal of HF
1 gal of coco
1 gal of perlite
2 cups of worm castings
2/3 cups of lime
2 TBSP of polymers
and 2 cups of ashes from the Hackberry trees burnt a while back
I also poured a generous amount of worm castings and ashes on top of the newly transplanted WW's and WC's. That way the ashes and castings will leach into the soil to help in growth. For this entire phase of veg growth I won't use any supplements just to see how it compares with feeding chemicals thereby saving money and not introducing salts into the soil UNTIL its time for bloom period which I will then go back to FF bloom formula.


So that's it for now but I'll be posting up more pics of the GCF's harvest soon.
Stay tooned for more adventures of "How Green is My Garden".:rofl::rofl::rofl:
Darn it..... I forgot the 2nd thing to the formula, dried up leaves from the GCF's plants that I had been collecting for a while. They were so dried up, I just rolled them in my hand and they turned to powder which blended perfectly into the soil mix.
Man I got caca for brains:laugh:
See ur still kickin ass over
Nice work brother..
Sorry for the lack of postings.
Life has gotton busy on me lately..
Happy 420 shroom
Hey there shruum! Long time no chat buddy, I see you have been doing pretty well for yourself around the grow room. Congrats on that recent harvest, sure kicked butt. Sorry I havent been here, had to be away for a while, but I am back to snooping around and cant wait to see the new babies take off that you just transplanted. Glad to be back and see youre still here my friend, keep up the great work.
Thanks dick I was wondering about you. Yeah I had a rough March and almost lost it, but, I'm still hanging in there. So what do you think about my "ashes" experiment? I'm not going to use any veggie nutes to see if I can get the results that I was getting on my outdoor guerilla farming. If all goes to plan I will save some dough but mostly won't have any salts or nutes to flush away when I start in on the flowering cycle.:cheesygrinsmiley:
Will be a neat experiment to see for sure. Like you said, you will need to switch over for the bloom phase but you may be able to get thru the veg phase with that. Is there anything else added prior to your medium to feed the plants or just straight ashes? I will be watching to see how it turns out.
Will be a neat experiment to see for sure. Like you said, you will need to switch over for the bloom phase but you may be able to get thru the veg phase with that. Is there anything else added prior to your medium to feed the plants or just straight ashes? I will be watching to see how it turns out.

Nope dick, the only nutes are ashes. I mixed some in when I made the soil batch but other than that no nutes. Yesterday I added a layer on top and just for the record these are tree ashes, BUT, any ashes will do.....ANY ASHES, wink, wink, nod, nod.:rofl::rofl:
I'm also rejuvenating 2 GCFs. And that my friends is a tip of the Halto Hat to OS for reminding me that this can be done.:thanks: Ask your grandparents about the reference.:high-five:

WW's started on 3-1-17

WC's started on 3-1-17

So, I watered the plants with straight well water that comes out of the tap at 6.5PH and the ashes will slowly leach into the soil mixture, thereby giving the girls what they need. They're looking fairly decent IMHO.:cheesygrinsmiley:
Ah ok, so you have more of an organic soil base and added the ashes? Right on man! I have read some about re-vegging plants but have not tried it myself yet. I do have 1 vigorous grower that would likely be good for trying this with in a couple months.

Plants seem to be looking very healthy my friend! Getting bushy :)

Just so ya know I got the next journal started, link is in my sig. It's just a start, still more to explain.
Well then I guess we will see what happens with them. If you get a only a couple of good branches you can always top them once they get a little bigger :)
See ur doing some revegin..
I have 4 going..
There really doing well heres some pics..
One ice bomb
Two cheese bomb
And a skunk..
Mine took off like a rocket after i harvested them and b put them on 24-7 lighting..
Healthy looking re-veggers there OS! I plan to give it a try this time around if I find a couple vigorous growers. Then see how they re-veg and use them for clones possibly instead of flowering it out again. See what happens :)
Oooo revegging - now that is magic! I will continue to watch even though I had no idea this could happen. I learn so much from your journal. Thank you .

It really is magic isn't it :) Sometimes you don't get near the yield you did the first time around but it saves money on seeds if you don't clone! Win-win situation lol
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