New Crop King Seed Grow - White Widow - Purple Kush - Green Crack - Crown Royale

Just got 4 strains started...few days old..Ww. pk. Gc. Cr.
Will be growing in happy frog mixed with coco perlite. Worm castings and lime.
Mix is per 5 gallons..
3 gallons HF
1 gallon coco
1 gallon perlite
2 cups worm castings
2/3 cup of lime..
Will be in veg under mars 144 reflector and flower under mars 2 hydro 1200 and a 144 reflector
So hope everyone follows along..should be interesting doing 4 strains at once
Well there's not much to report as the girls are still babys..
But here's my plan for them.
I will be topping 2 times at about when there's 5 sets of leaves to get started.
Will be keeping them low and fat..want 6 to 8 colas on each plant.
Maybe some tying down also
I veg till I have at least 12 to 15 in plant height regardless how long it takes to get there.
Will be using fox farm .big bloom..tiger bloom and big grow for nutes..
I'm in organic so probally no nutes for 2 weeks or 3..or how ever plants are doing..
Soil is 6.5 ph tested..will use tap water ph of 7 straight out..
Lights will be at 30 inches..
Guess that's about it..I'll post some of me grow room picks later..
It's pretty nice ..maybe some one can get some good ideas out of it just starting out..
Ok thought I'd share my grow room..the plants are bout the same as yesterday
As u can see I have a veg area 24 x 52 in.
When I water it all drains in to a bucket as the floor is lined and fed to a drain in the front..
Also I have two 55 gal drums for watering and mixing makes it simple.
My flower room is 4x6 feet by 8ft high..which you can see is full at this time with white widows..have about 4 or 5 more weeks to go and then the newbies should be ready to take their place..
I have a volcano fan and charcoal filter which clears out both rooms..
Now most of you out there have been growing and have setups already.
So this is for the newbie growers..
1. Get a good fan.with right cfm for the space.a speed controler and home depot junk for fan.
2.seal the area air tight..the only air getting in should be at the room intake hole farthest from the fan intake
You always want negative pressure sucking into the room and blowing outside.
3.keep the room garbadge.who wants bugs..they ruin your fun..
4.if you smoke wash ur hands before you handle plants. Cigarettes and canabis dont mix.
5.this is very important!!! KEEP UR GROW SECRET. don't be showing travels fast..

I'm going to make this journal more toward the new grower out there..I will try to share what I know from 30 yrs of growing 9n and off.everything I do works for me and hope it helps someone else..
Ok here are some pics to share.
Ok.we have been growing our crop king seeds now for 8 days from germination..
Gee maybe it's time to water it's been 4 days. .Soil looks dry..but is it?
It's one of the worst thing you can do..weed like dry to moist soil..
Push your finger all the way in the dirt..if it comes out with dirt on it do not water.
Or get a moisture meter like I have..there 10 dollars. And never lie..
Now I watered 4 days ago..look at my's still moist to is dry like dust.very tempting to water right.
If your plant is standing up nice she is fine..when they want water they wilt a bit then water.
Now let's talk ph of want to add water between 6 and 7 ph for soil.
Use your ph up or down and adjust to be in the correct range and that's it.
Shoot for the range..dont worry if it's not always 6.5 or what ever.
Now there's a right way to water the plant.sounds stupid right.just pour it in.
No. You want to pour around the outside or the pot not the middle.we want the roots to search out for the water and build big strong roots =big strong plants.and water till it comes out the bottom through the drain holes.
So it's been 8 days now.i have watered once..hard to believe right.
Dirt still wet...maybe tomorrow.
.well I'm not a writer but I really want to help new growers with some solid advice...I guess the
Proof will be at the end of the grow right..hope everyone follows along and sees some amazing buds and yields. .
Peace !!

KiG :green_heart:cheers[/QUOTE]
Ok been 5 days since last water.finally dry enough..
So most of us use tap we don't want the clorine so let the water sit out 24 hours and it shoud evaporate we have to ph the water..Ok mine was about 7 to 8..I keep adding a drop of ph down till I get it in range..I got mine about good..
Now water around the perimeter of the pot till we get runoff out the bottom.
Don't water the middle..we want the roots to search and spread out..
Now I know I'm good for around another 5 days..write it down on your calander when you water.and everything you do of you will forget what and when you did I like to use a big water cool with a hose to water..check out the pic..simple right.holds 5 gallons and I'm good with ph water for weeks...I used one gallon to water all 11 plants.
Now if you been watering and your getting lots of gnats...your over watering.let it dry gnats can really be a pain for sure. .you best friend to fight these bastards is neem oil or misquito bits..mix in 2 teaspoons in top of the soil.wipes them out's cheap and goes a long for me..
Alright then..girls are watered..let them grow...
yes i had a feeling you worked that new pro series mars has..hope to get one some day..peace !!!:420:
:cheesygrinsmiley:yes, she is my colleague.:high-five: Nice to see your updation.:thumb:
Thanks welcome to the grow. .it's going to get quite interesting in a couple weeks when things pick crack is the fastest grower right now..think it's on
Subbed. All the strains i wanna test out are here and im excited to see this go down!
Thanks welcome to the grow. .it's going to get quite interesting in a couple weeks when things pick crack is the fastest grower right now..think it's on
I guess thats why its called that lol good luck! I wanted to try crown royale but went with blueberry straight up instead i really want to experiment with the colors and tastes
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