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Hi guys! I'm a little concerned about an upcoming drug test for a job I'm hoping to get. I knew I was going to be looking soon, so I stopped smoking almost 2 months ago, and when I got an interview for today I ordered the DrugConfirm one panel test kit to make sure I was clean if they offered me the job. I had no worries, even though I'm a heavy girl (5'6", 250 lbs) I figured 2 months clean was more than enough time. But now I'm freaking out, because I STILL got a positive line on my home test, albeit a faint one, but still! I know about the tips for exercising and drinking water, but does anyone have any advice for me here as to how much longer I'll need to be clean before I'll pass a urine test? Or is this line faded enough that I have a decent chance of passing a corporate test? Thanks so much, all!
Hi queentut , ill take it your in the US , I live in the UK and our company do random drugs tests, recently an employee failed on the test for cannabis but this was dismissed due to the fact that most people show levels of THC in their system as you only have to stand in a crowd where someone is smoking cannabis to attract levels into your system, so under the uk employment law this does not warrant dismissal (sacking). so basically I guess there are a lot of factors to take into account . 1st , is it a high profile job ? , if you are applying for a low end (working class) job then does a small trace of THC in your system warrant judging you as a heavy drug user. I Think not, attitudes towards cannabis use are slowly changing as the changing of the guard (so to speak) takes effect . so if the boss is an old cantankerous git your chances of getting through are pretty slim , but if the boss is an open minded ex college grad the chances are that he/she has smoked pot and had their fun growing up (if you get my drift) so your chances are much better . and most importantly you should be clean after approx. 1 month so if you are not then you are probably still congregating with users and you are attracting the traces from your environment , I am 49 years old and have used cannabis since I was 18 but have never been tested . if you fail and they ask do you use cannabis ? I would reply by saying I have tried but you are not a "user" and would also point out that you frequent a bar where people have been kicked out for using . my point is , if you fail then you may be able to paint a picture to suggest you are innocent in the findings .... best of luck with the application .... remember the world is not black and white as some people believe , the world is full of individuals with different opinions and if it was me deciding to give a job then I would decide on ability, personality (the human factor)..
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