Did I fail my Quest drug test?


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Thanks to everyone who replies to this ahead of time, I am stressing out big time!!

- weight: 150 lbs
- height: 5'6"
- build (skinny, average, overweight): average/skinny (slight beer belly, but I wear size 32 jeans so more on the skinny side)

- amount of physical activity: I play soccer 1 to 2 times a week and go to the gym 2 to 3 times a week (spend about 1-1.5 hours doing weight lifting and ending with 10 minutes in a sauna)

- date of drug test: 4/25/16

- date of last time smoke: 3/22/16 (smoke free for 34 days on the day of the test)

- frequency of smoking (last 30 days): Didn't smoke for 34 days prior to the test. Before that I had gone through a month long abstinence followed by smoking about a bowl a day for 20ish days (about 2 grams shared between me and my roommate total). Then I quit completely and haven't smoked since making me clean for 37 days as of today.

Background info:

The test I had to take was a Quest laboratory 10 panel urine to get into a Medical program. The cutoff was not specified but I am assuming it was a 50 ng/ml screen with a 15 ng/ml. Prior to taking the test I had home tested myself with alere icassete 5 panel drug test (50 ng/ml cutoff). The first one I took was on 3/29/16 (1 week clean) and I basically failed. There was a very very faint ghost line but not present enough for me to even considerate it faint. I continued taking these drug test more or less weekly and sure enough began getting faint lines. On the test I took on 4/10/16 (19 days clean) I finally had a line (still faint, but definitely a clear line). On 4/21/16 I had a clear line and finally felt confident enough to take the test. On 4/24/16 (one day before the test) I took a test with the beginning of the stream of the first void and passed once more with a good line.

The day of the test about 5-6 hours before my test I drank 48 oz of gatorade. About 4 hours before the test I drank 16 oz of water. I voided at least 4-5 times and right before I left my house for the test (20-30 mins before my test) I took an Alere iCup A.D. drug test and passed with flying colors but I only peed a tiny little bit and had to chug a little bit of water so I could pee more so there was enough in the cup. On the way to the test I chugged about 16oz of Gatorade and drank 3-4 oz of water at Quest right before the test which I took 5 minutes before the place closed.

So I passed all these home tests...so why am I stressing? Well, I'm worried I might have diluted too much and the sample will be sent directly to the 15 ng/ml GC/MS confirmation test. The website (certifiedbackground.com) from which I got the chain of custody form said I should have results within 2-3 days, but it is now going to be 4 days and I haven't heard anything causing me to think the test failed the screening test and is now moving onto the confirmation test. The wait is causing me to research all over the place and I keep on reading of people who have failed 30+ days and it's just driving me insane.

I have worked my ass off to get into this program and am completely hating myself at the thought of failing this stupid test and ruining my chances at my dream career. If anyone would please give me some information/advice/anything I would truly appreciate it. I've never had anxiety like this before and it is seriously interfering with my everyday life.

Sorry for the essay, I just had to be super detailed!

Picture of my 4/21/16 drug test (30 days clean) slightly filtered with snapchat:

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