1. R

    Abandoned Hydro, Delahaze Paradise Seeds, Soil, Delahaze Mother Plants, Critical+ 2.0

    Hey Guys! RamsayBolton from Germany here. I'm not a native speaker and i was pretty bad in english at school, but at least you should understand what i like to tell you. This is my very first post here, so please let me introduce myself: I'm 33 years old and i study math. My hobbies are...
  2. O

    Plants say harvest Trichomes say don't - What to do?

    Hi, today is flowering day 59 since 12/12 I flushed the plants 8 days ago they reacted very quickly and all the leaves turned yellow in 2-3 days. I didn't water them since then because the pots are still not very light. The trichomes doesn't turn amber though because I like a more indica...
  3. G

    Gitane Forced Flowering V.6

    For the past 5 years I've battle convention and veg indoors 18/6 under CFLs for about 60 days then around 4/20 they go outside. Darkness stays around 11 hrs/night for a couple of weeks. That's enough to send em into flower. Solong as they're indica dominant there's not a problem with...
  4. MikkaTheEnt

    Completed Grand Daddy Purple Indoor Hydro

    My third simultaneous grow is Grand Daddy Purple: Date started: 2018 Jan 10 Germination: Seed in between 2 moist paper towels, transferred to Rooter plugs in germination station Seed(s): feminized Grand Daddy Purp from Attitude Indoors/Outdoors: Indoors Tent: Vivosun 2x4x5 with two 4"...
  5. MikkaTheEnt

    Completed Northern Lights Indoors Hydro

    My second simultaneous grow is Northern Lights auto: Date started: 2018 Jan 10 Germination: Seed in between 2 moist paper towels, transferred to Rooter plugs in germination station Seed(s): Northern Lights auto from Growers Choice Indoors/Outdoors: Indoors Tent: Vivosun 2x4x5 with two 4"...
  6. L

    Need help - Removed the shell once my Auto Jack sprouted and that's how they are now

    2 of auto jacks that we germinated before planting in soil , and they peeked out of my soil in 2 days with the seed shell stuck on top slightly open so i dropped few drops of mineral water on seed shell and removed it with my fingers without excess force. this is how they look like after 2 days...
  7. S

    What's Wrong With This Plant?

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for some ideas from the great experience we have here, as to what I'm doing wrong to my poor plant. My first grow and it's an Auto AK-47, stunted by early over watering but recovered pretty well over the last few weeks. At least until the last few days. The larger...
  8. B

    Hopefully simple question on cloning

    i used to clone a lot but haven't in the last couple years.(had plenty of seeds.) i just put 6 cuttings from ak47 and 6 cuttings from critical sensi star in to clone. it has now been 10 days in rockwool cubes but no roots are protruding from the cubes. i scrapped stems, dipped them in...
  9. L

    I need to pass a drug test 13 days from now

    i haven't smoked in 8 days. i was a heavy smoker, just herb. although prior to those 8 days i used a wax pen for about 3 days. i have been taking niacin pills for two days and flushing my system with tons of water, green tea, gatorade, and cranberry juice. I've been running for 20-40 minutes...
  10. A

    Do I have time?

    Hey guys. I'm bored working on the road. I have 3-4 months left on this job. I have 6 feminized sour patch kush seeds. 52-60 days flowering. Was thinking about grabbing a tent, and leds today and popping them. Do I have enough time, or should I wait?
  11. P

    Completed PatMySwayze's COB LED THC Bomb Auto Organic/Coco 2017- How Fast Is Fast?

    Welcome to my first journal, the name is PatMySwayze and the name of the game for this grow was how fast and easy can I grow a small personal stash of high quality bud indoors. Strain: So I chose Bomb Seeds THC bomb auto which boasts "finishes flowering in only 65 days from seed indoors."...
  12. A

    CO2 - BakeSoda & vinegar - Anyone using - Thoughts?

    Title says it all, I'm considering setting up this rig for a 4x4' tent. - Thoughts & experience ? A few more concerns on my first grow, 20 days from seed pop. - Daytime canopy temps been peaking @ 90, no stress indications. Should I stress? - Highly organic, good drained medium...
  13. Jackalope

    Hybrid Of Lavender x Da Purps

    Here is a weird review. My grows now days are medically based. I am still finding strains that meet my personal needs. One of my biggest problem is nerve pain. I am finding strains that help with the nerve pain itself. I also need the pot to help keep my mind off the constant burning and pain...
  14. Ron Strider

    CA: Cannabis On South Lake Tahoe City Council Agenda

    South Lake Tahoe City Council will vote on a temporary urgency ordinance banning recreational cannabis retail sales, cultivation, edible production and testing for at least 45 days. At the end of this period, council could vote again to extend the temporary ban another 10 months and 15 days...
  15. unkied

    Is This Potassium Deficiency?

    Hoping somebody can help nail down what's wrong with my plants. 4 feminized White Widows, 46 days old, 7 days since switch over to 12/12. 1 day after switch, 1 plant started getting brown edges/tips on one branch. The leaves were about in the middle of the plant. A day or 2 later a 2nd plant...
  16. GrnRm

    Abandoned OG Ghost Train Haze & Strawberry Amnesia - T5 Veg - 2000W Flower - SIP Hybrid System

    Took cuttings 7 days ago now, (6 OGGTH and 6 SA), so they are still in the propagation tray. I use regular old Jiffy Peat Pellets, and EZ-Clone rooting compound. All water is filtered through a Chlorine + Sediment filter with a UV Sterilizer, and no nutes are added while rooting. The tray was...
  17. C

    Nutrition or wait - 13 days in

    Im 13 days into my grow started from seed they are booming have been using root growth up till now im asking if its to early to add total nutrition plant food i have read diffrent thing hoping someone with couple grows could help me out Thanks
  18. 4

    Please help - 10 days to harvest

    I have 10 days until my harvest. All if a sudden. Mites are everywhere. My leaves are dying. I need a solution please. Anything I can do this close to harvest to rid myself of these pests?
  19. P

    Will I pass my drug test?

    I took 3 hits of some mid-grade stuff and had a drug test 7 days after. Before that I was completely clean. Average metabolism. What ya'll think?
  20. G

    Day 53 autos looking nice!

    Below are my beauties, so stoked for my 2nd grow under simple 4 blub T5 and couple extra leds floating around. I'm on day 50-53 for each of these guys. The left girl is Auto Sin Trabaja CBD and is about 14 days since pre-flower and she is 42" tall!!! The right girl is Auto Speed Bud and...
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