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    Cleaning Day
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    To clean or not to clean?
  3. improvise

    LED Maintenance!

    Hello community. While my flowering space has some downtime i thought i would give it a deep clean rather than a quick once over,i have two 300w leds each with 3 small fans for cooling inside,as i took them down something was rattling about inside and decided to open them up to see what it was...
  4. Q

    Concerned about upcoming drug test for work

    Hi guys! I'm a little concerned about an upcoming drug test for a job I'm hoping to get. I knew I was going to be looking soon, so I stopped smoking almost 2 months ago, and when I got an interview for today I ordered the DrugConfirm one panel test kit to make sure I was clean if they offered me...
  5. F

    72 days clean - Do you think I'm good for a per test

    I'm clean for 72 days taking a test tomorrow. I took a few stick tests :thanks:and passed. I'm still paranoid about the test. Any feed back is welcomed
  6. S

    I've Got Root Rot

    So I switched over this year from soil to DW Hydro. Had some great DW harvests. But now I have been having a problem and no doubt I have root rot. I will try to save one plant but I am looking for info on the best way to eliminate the root rot. I understand heat and light can promote root rot...
  7. D

    Mega Clean - Dilution & DOT Testing

    I am writing out this post for people to have insight on my particular experience and as well to gain insight from others. Let's begin by saying I failed my pre-employment (unsupervised test) and now I am subject to a SAP program with a return to duty test (supervised) by DOT regulations...
  8. Pinktiger777

    How do you fill and change your ebb and flow reservoirs?

    My grow space is far from outside. And midway thru my first grow, I need to change water. I know, I should have thought about this ahead of time. LOL. I ordered an aquarium clean and fill system by Python, but I wondered, before I do that: Is there a simple way to get the old water out, clean...
  9. 1

    I need to be clean before my Meps!

    Hi! I am a 17 year old female who is trying to enlist into the army. I found out I had passed my ASVAB yesterday and they are sending me to Meps Febuary 6 and 7th. My drug test will be given on the 7th of Feb. The last time I smoked pot was on the 18th of January and prior to that the last...
  10. J

    Problem after foliar spray

    I had a calcium deficiency that I were able to stop the problem but I started to foliar spray to prevent further problems. So for this week foliar spray I used Calcium Carbonate and Epsom last. I followed the advice I was given about using 1 teaspoon of Calcium Carbonate. So I always go the...
  11. K

    Pesticides In Marijuana Pose A Growing Problem For Cannabis Consumers

    How well do you know your weed? A Berkeley laboratory recently found that 84 percent of medical marijuana samples contained large amounts of pesticides. Steep Hill, a Northern California-based cannabis testing lab, says their findings were much higher than expected and "are cause for concern for...
  12. L

    Herbal clean detox

    Has anyone used this detox method Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex How long before my urine test do I take it. Has it worked for anyone else?
  13. K

    Can Marijuana Mop Up Radiation Around Fukushima And Other Polluted Areas?

    Can hemp mop up radiation around Fukushima and other polluted areas? There is much optimisim that hemp can clean up radiation from the soil. It has been almost 5 years since the disastrous earthquake and subsequent tsunami hit Japan's east coast at Fukushima A meltdown followed and so did a...
  14. A

    Full Body Shave

    I am totally bald - God does 85% of the work, I shave the remaining 15% off. Have been doing this for many years. I ate an edible (25 mg THC) once a week for a couple of years, then clean for 2 months, then an edible once a week for 3 weeks, then clean for 1 month. I expect to be asked to...
  15. B

    Will I pass

    I have a dot test in probably two weeks. I would be clean six weeks at that point. I smoked moderately for a month prior to which I was clean a year. I think I will be OK, going to dilute. But I'm about 50 lbs overweight. Should I be concerned?
  16. C

    PH meter cleaning

    Wondering if theres anything at home that u could use to clean ph meter Hannah pen
  17. S

    Drug test

    I have a drug test coming up what's the best way to clean my self out.. any help???
  18. L

    Smog ridden beauties - A question regarding cleaning plants while still growing

    Hi all. We've been having a really heavy smog problem. The smog isn't the type you'd find in LA. The smog is probably mainly fine dust. It's the third or fourth day. It's very heavy. Like a heavy fog all day (can barely see the sun or the hills around my house). I assume it's full of all...
  19. M

    can i get clean in three weeks?

    ive been smoking everyday for about 2 months and i recently found out i have to get a medical examination for my residency and I am pretty sure theyre going to drug test me. I am 6'3 and weigh about 225. I am also an athlete and i train every single day and i sweat a lot! I dont know if it will...
  20. N

    Does Stat Flush work?

    Well 1st I've been meaning to subscribe to this magazine for awhile and its pretty cool so far. Anyways, I got busted with pot and may have to get probation and wanted to purchase Stat Flush because two friends have told me about it but I wanted to be sure. I have court in about 5 days and...
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