Autos - 3 SIP's, A Hempy Bucket And A Fabric Bag

A quickie update ;)

Two days growth on the California Snow since last training !

Day 37 CS berfore 28 Aug 2023.jpg

After More Torture :yahoo:

She was getting a crick in her neck so I added some support....

Day 37 CS after 28 Aug 2023.jpg

My "enclosure"......

Moving the smaller panels out a foot still gives me the reflective properties but allows for a lower air temp !

Now running @ 86F, about four degrees cooler.

Day 37 Enclosure 28 Aug 2023.jpg

She was watered From the Top to run off days ago. The gauge was ~ 1 before, 5 after...

I think you get a more accurate Visual dip stick reading with the top holder thingee off !

Already used to that and give it a poke to see how far it goes down anyway :love:

Feed is increased to 3.5g/gallon of their respective feeds !

Various stages of flowering !

California Snow has grown two inches in the last four days for a total of 21" high, she is now 39 days old.

Those tops are 4" long !

Day 39 CS 30 Aug 2023.jpg

CBD Lemon has grown 2 1/2" for a Grand Total of 8" ;)

She is also 39 days old...

Day 39 CBD 30 Aug 2023.jpg

Gorilla Punch has grown 6" for a total of 19", she is 32 days old.

Day 39 GP 30 Aug 2023.jpg

Six Shooter has grown 3 1/2" for a total of 16". She is 39 days old.

Day 39 SS 30 Aug 2023.jpg

Wedding Cheesecake has grown 3 1/2" for a total of 12". She is 39 days old....

Darn Lambs Bread :bongrip: forgot to get a picture of her last night :yahoo:

BTW > the SIP's received their first top watering a little over a week ago.

Two days later filled the rez. Two days later filled the rez again.

Two days later watered from the top to ~ 1L run off !

The 14" saucer was almost overflowing...

It may be a coincidence but it seems to have kicked them off !

Sure didn't hurt ;)

This is roughly when I start training..

Day 39 GP before 30 Aug 2023.jpg

Day 39 GP after 30 Aug 2023.jpg

Day 41

The California Snow is turning out to be an excellent student for training ;)

And she also ate three quarters of her reservoir in two days !

My other two contenders, I thought the Gorilla Punch and Six Shooter were already a bit too far into flower to top...

But they are only a couple of inches shorter so should produce nice Xmas Trees :yahoo:

Thinking about manipulating the tops to break their dominance, tying the fans over the apical buds for a short period, a small cup over it, etc... ???

Day 41 CS high 1 Sept 2023.jpg

Day 41 CS low 1 Sept 2023.jpg

BTW > still @ 3.5g/gallon of MC and not a blemish anywhere !

This is one of the most Exciting times in the garden !

The stretch is on in earnest :yahoo:

California Snow seems to have slowed down, finally....

Enough for my style/goals. Less than 36" would be Just Fine :love:

She is now 22" high and the training has keep her down to One inch of growth in three days !

And the tie downs didn't need adjusting since yesterday !

Gorilla Punch is turning out to be my Over Achiever !

A week younger and now the tallest tree in the forest at 26" ;)

Seven inches of growth in three days !

Her sister the Six Shooter is a week older and Only 22" But Six inches of growth !

My last two girls could be a feel good, don't give up story, he, he...

CBD Lemon was stunted and slow growing but I didn't give up on her and she slowly started to put on some weight.

She always looked perfectly healthy but small.

Well she seems to have found her legs and grew Five inches for a total of 13".

Just started to show her sex so Lots of stretch to come at this rate, eh ?

Wedding Cheesecake also had a slow start, my fault, sigh...

But she keep on trucking and has also started to pick up, Four inches growth for a total of 16".

And also just starting to show her sex :love:

Day 42 3 Sept 2023.jpg

Day 45

The SIP girls are drinking a half gallon a day. Continuing to water from the top to run off, two days later fill the reservoir, two days later fill the reservoir again, two days later water from the top to run off.

Praying all day, everyday ! Still @ 3.6g/gallon of Mega Crop one part and nothing else....

And finally, we have our first yellow leaf on the California Snow :yahoo:

Not a single blemish anywhere else !

Day 45 First yellow leaf 6 Sept 2023.jpg

The little CBD Lemon is now 17 1/2", three days growth of 4 1/2" !

Day 45 CBD 6 Sept 2023.jpg

Her top...

Day 45 CBD bud 6 Sept 2023.jpg

California Snow is 25" tall, three days growth of 3".

Day 45 CS 6 Sept 2023.jpg

One of her tops..

Day 45 CS bud 6 Sept 2023.jpg

Gorilla Punch is 32", three days growth of 6" o_O

Really want to see what kind of main apical bud she can produce so I'll raise the rest of the girls up to get an even(ish) canopy.

Day 45 GP 6 Sept 2023.jpg

Six Shooter is 26 1/2", three days growth of 4 1/2".

Day 45 SS 6 Sept 2023.jpg

Her top...

Day 45 SS bud 6 Sept 2023.jpg

Wedding Cheesecake is still coming on strong, she's 21 1/2". Three days growth of 5 1/2".

Day 45 WC 6 Sept 2023.jpg

Her top...

Day 45 WC bud 6 Sept 2023.jpg

I've been holding off on changing from the MH bulb to the HPS bulb until the Wedding Cheesecake and CBD Lemon get farther into flowering but I might make the change today. Majority rules, the rest of the girls are ready !

These girls are growing in such a way that no trimming is necessary. I usually lollipop the bottoms and clean off any lower side branches but there appears to be enough light reaching the bottoms I am going to leave them be.

One thing I need to do on my next run to town day is look for some way to connect a short hose to the drain holes.

Lifting the whole pot off the saucer to dispose of the run off is getting to be a PITA ;)

Day 47

Stretch continues, they can Stop anytime now ;)

Two days growth/height >

Wedding Cheesecake 3.5"/ 25"
California Snow 4"/ 29" Topped, trained and now let free !
Six Shooter 3.5"/ 30"
CBD Lemon 4"/ 21 1/2"
Gorilla Punch 3"/ 35"

Their last feeding was 4g/gallon of their respective nutrients.

After a critical examination I decided to go back to 3.6g/gallon !

Wedding Cheesecake is just a bit lighter green than I'd like to see but she won't need more until tomorrow. Will see if her last watering with 4g/gallon greens her up...

California Snow has One bottom leaf that is a bit lighter in color but cut her back to 3.6g/gallon anyway :yahoo:

Generally could be a little darker green but...

Six Shooter is at the upper end of green and her new top growth was slightly twisted, back down to 3.6g/gallon....

CBD Lemon is a nice shade of green, last feeding was @4g/gallon, will she how she looks tomorrow at feed/watering.

Gorilla Punch is just about perfect for color, the odd leaf with a Slightly burned tip so back to 3.6g/gallon for now.

SIP's are needing filling everyday, the hempy and fabric pot every second dayish.

Switched to HPS bulb yesterday and raised the light today....

Rh is 50% and temp is 92.3 F.

Day 47 The Girls 8 Sept 2023.jpg

Cross posted yesterday >

Day 49, still at 3.6g/gallon.....

Hard to hold back on the food but ;)

Normally in fabric bags at this stage I'm picking off a couple or three yellow leaves on the bottom of each plant every other day.

In SIP's I have two yellow leaves on the California Snow and that's it :yahoo:

They won't stop, still roughly 3" every 2 days :love:

But, I should mention....

All of these strains have relatively long spaces between nodes and sparse fan leaves, no real reason to do any trimming !

I've topped the California Snow and other than trimming off the bottoms to the first nodes on most of them I have done Nothing aside from training to the side !

Heights now range from 25" to 38" o_O

Day 49 The Girls 10 Sept 2023.jpg

CBD Lemon, Day 43

Day 49 CBD 10 Sept 2023.jpg

California Snow....

Day 49 CS 10 Sept 2023.jpg

Six Shooter

Day 49 SS 10 Sept 2023.jpg

Wedding Cheesecake...

Day 49 WC 10 Sept 2023.jpg

Darn Lambs Bread, looks like I missed the Gorilla Punch :bongrip:

Since it looks like two reservoir fills and then a top watering to run off is working for me I made disposing of the run off easier.

Air dome hose with a wrap of paper to fit draining into a separate saucer ;)

It was the most basic and easy at hand non toxic solution :love:

When the majority of water has drained I just move the hose to the pails saucer...

Day 49 Drain to waste 10 Sept 2023.jpg

Today, Day 50. Stretch continues o_O

California Snow was in need of some attention !

I cut off her second nodes and trimmed some lower interior branches.

Then I removed the hold downs and installed bamboo stakes and a wire hoop.

Also found another yellowing leaf, her reservoir was down to two after yesterdays top watering to run off so filled it with a half gallon of 4.1g/gallon of MC.

Gorilla Punch and Six Shooter were at half so I left them for tomorrow.

Day 50 CS hoop 11 Sept 2023.jpg

And then I found this on two leaves....

Wind burn ?

Day 50 SS leaf 11 Sept 2023.jpg

Day 56

The Gorilla Punch is actually a week younger and the farthest ahead.

Looks like I will get my One Big Giant Bud :yahoo:

Day 56 GP top 17 Sept 2023.jpg

I snipped the two tallest tops on the California Snow and the tops of the Six Shooter, CBD Lemon and Wedding Cheesecake !

The Girls....

Day 56 The Girls 17 Sept 2023.jpg

And The Girls with three days growth numbers...

Day 56 The Girls Numbers 17 Sept 2023.jpg

Nutrients now @ 5g/gallon, SIP's watered from the top tonight..

Day 58

I found two leaves on the Gorilla Punch with yellow spotting.

A while ago I had the same issue with the Six Shooter but upping the MC fixed that...

The GP is as green as I like to see so tonight she received 4.5g of MC and 1g of Bud Explosion/gallon of water !

Ppm was 830 but my battery was close to quitting on me...

Day 58 GP leaf 19 Sept 2023.jpg

Day 58 GP leaf two 19 Sept 2023.jpg

My Wedding Cheesecake has been a BAD Girl :love:

She grew four inches in the last two days to 49" and passed my limit of 4'.

Had to pull her down ;)

A gentle squeeze of the stem and a wire to hold her in place.

This was a runt/stunted (?) that was 12" high three weeks ago o_O

She is the one in the hempy bucket and being fed MaxBloom....

Day58 WC top bend 19 Sept 2023.jpg

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