sip pots

  1. IMG_2805.jpeg


    SIP Container for Seedlings Left: The structur. 1 liter container. Bottom 2cm Seramis. A cut out sheet of a plantbag as a separation. Soil. Right: Covered w/ black plastic sheets to block out light. Liftable to see the root development.
  2. Olddog Newtrick

    Olddog Newtrick's Seedsman, Banana Jealousy, SIP/Quadline Comparative Grow

    Welcome to my first Seedsman comparative grow! I’ve been excited to do one of these since I found out they exist, it should be a lot of fun! I’m still a new grower and am thankful to be included! SeedsMan Banana Jealousy Description: Banana Jealousy is a three-way hybrid cross of Banana Cream...
  3. Chuckeye

    Autos - 3 SIP's, A Hempy Bucket And A Fabric Bag

    Greetings, I've decided to do a "quick" Herbies Seeds Auto run after my last six month long Sativa grow ;) And wanted to try two new to me systems, SIP's and Hempy. The SIP's are five gallon pails with store bought GroBucket Self-Watering Inserts. Medium is ProMix HP, one of the pails has...
  4. 20230807_121435.jpg


    Violet (Herbies Seeds Grandaddy Purple Auto) day# 15 - Ready to uppot
  5. 3 Solo SIPS Above NH Design v2.jpeg

    3 Solo SIPS Above NH Design v2.jpeg

  6. 20230612_075645.jpg


    SIP Bucket - 5G bucket with GroBucket SIP insert filled with FFHF soil amended with Geoflora and Dynomyco topped with DE - Ready for transplant
  7. Vivosun SGS with Green Crack Auto Day47.gif

    Vivosun SGS with Green Crack Auto Day47.gif

    Emmy (Green Crack Auto) Day# 47 in the Vivosun Smart Grow System
  8. Krissi Carbone

    2 Week SIP progression under the Cultiuana CT-720

    Hi growing friends! I'm throwing out these pics all across this forum today. It's really exciting seeing their development as we move into flowering mode today. I want to showcase the ability of this @Cultiuana CT-720 light with 6 different strains of plants sitting in 5gl self feed pots over...
  9. JayCseed

    Jay’s Organic SIP Grows Some Cheese: Current

    Welcome to my first journal in over a year! I slacked off and got my last journal moved to abandoned! I plan to keep this one current all the way to the finish line. I am currently in week 5 of flower on my second run in my home made SIP containers. I am growing Feminized Cheese from Seedsman...
  10. G

    Sip, probiotics, recyled living organics

    how's it going ladies and gentlemen. I'm green, and this is my first time on this forum. I've been growing for about 5 years, I'm very active on the forum roll it up, just trying to branch out in search of more info on this method of growing that I have recently fell in love with! a Lil bit of...
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