hempy bucket

  1. Med 1:1

    Med 1:1

    Day 44 flower.
  2. Godfather OG

    Godfather OG

    Day 44 flower.
  3. Godfather OG

    Godfather OG

    Day 44 flower.
  4. Platinum Cookies

    Platinum Cookies

    Day 44 flower.
  5. Platinum Cookies

    Platinum Cookies

    Day 44 flower.
  6. Skunk


    Day 44 flower.
  7. Pungent Skunk

    Pungent Skunk

    Day 44 flower.
  8. TwelveCoffee

    Hempy bucket questions

    Hey guys so I saw a couple hempy grows and it peaked my interest but I have some confusion So the first question is the combos, straight pearlite, coco and pearlite and pearlite mixed with the one that starts with a V having a huge brain fart! Which one works better? I was looking into...
  9. VetSmoke85

    Vetsmoke's Mars Hydro Hempy Happening - Powered By The FC3000

    Welcome all to my latest journal. @Mars Hydro were very generous in supplying me with the fantastic FC3000 led grow light and a beautiful 70x70x160 tent to house it in. I've been impressed with everything about Mars Hydro. Reasonable pricing, quality products, great customer service. Anyone...
  10. Perfect Sun LED

    Coco & Hempy LED Autoflower & A Huge Photo Carnival

    Hey, in this grow we are doing some autos while we veg out the big Photo (Carnival). One of the autos will be grown in pure perlite Hempy bucket. Lights: Perfect Sun Goliath v2 and Max Yield. Nutrients: Perfect Nutrients. Autoflower strains: NYC diesel(Advanced Seeds), Incredible Bulk(Dr...
  11. neiro

    Happy Hempy Family

    From left to right: Amnesia Haze Auto, Psychedelic Auto x 2, Marmalate, Amnesia Haze Auto. 24 days old. And some one week old tomatoes.
  12. neiro

    Hidden Sauna Project: Hempy Buckets, LED & HID

    Setup: DIY closet: 80 x 150 x 240 cm (sorry, journal will be in metric) 4 x 10L + 4 x 5L DIY buckets 300 W LED + 400 W HID 3 exhausting fans: 2 connected to thermostat, which keeps temp in 25-27.5 C and one constantly cooling HID passive incoming airflow GHE Flora nutrients Strains: Amnesia...
  13. Rickle Piiiiick

    Blue Cindy, G13 Labs, Hempy-ish Grow

    Thought I’d post a grow journal of my hempy style grow for others who may be interested in researching the process. Full disclosure this is my first attempt at hempy, and only my 3rd successful grow in over a decade. My goal here is simple though, benefit from an easy to manage and cheap base...
  14. neiro

    Dark Purple Auto

    About 6 weeks Seeds from Delicious Seeds
  15. Auto Dark Purple fem from Delicious Seeds

    Auto Dark Purple fem from Delicious Seeds

  16. hempy seedlings wk 2.JPG

    hempy seedlings wk 2.JPG

    hempy cup seedlings beginning of wk 2
  17. neiro

    Hempy drain to waste gravity feeding system

    Just to make my daily routine easy I did the system to feed 3 my plants. Maybe the idea will be helpful for somebody.
  18. bluter

    Bluter's Happy Home For Hilarious Hempsters

    how many lost internet folk you think are gonna click on this looking for hipsters or hamsters ? this will be the second 420 journal. hoping to make it the ongoing home. will be growing hempy style. straight perlite media in either 2L or 5L buckets. passive hydro style similar to coco...
  19. Cannbidoscar

    C's New Start May 19: 100% Clay Pebble Mini Hempy Autos, TS-1000

    So I've been away from growing for a while and decided to invest in some decent hardware ;) Bucket Size - 1 gallon Medium - 100% clay pebble Tent - 70cm X 70cm X 160cm Black Orchid Airflow - Black Orchid mixed flo extractor + filter, clip on fan inside, passive intake Lights - Mars Hydro...
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