Hidden Sauna Project: Hempy Buckets, LED & HID


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  • DIY closet: 80 x 150 x 240 cm (sorry, journal will be in metric)
  • 4 x 10L + 4 x 5L DIY buckets
  • 300 W LED + 400 W HID
  • 3 exhausting fans: 2 connected to thermostat, which keeps temp in 25-27.5 C and one constantly cooling HID
  • passive incoming airflow
  • GHE Flora nutrients
  • Amnesia Haze Automatic
  • Amnesia Platinum
  • Auto Psychedelic
  • Marmalate
Each strain in big & small bucket.

Let’s start from 250ppm & 5.6pH

Wish me luck!




It were nervous days after the germination. The temp was too high, up to 32 Celsius (90 F). The girls almost burned out.
I decided to change ventilation system and also install additional fans.
Additionally, I've installed wireless Xiaomi humidity and temperature sensor and set high/low temp alarms to my phone.
And now temp is stable, during light hours it is in 24-26 Celsius (75-79 F) and girls looks better.







Today is the 10 days after the germination. I decided to remove HID lamp because of heating issues. And now I can manage temperature quite precise.

Instead of 400W HID I've ordered LED MarsHydro FC-E3000. Maybe I've to change the name of this journal.

I feed my girls ones per 2 days with GHE Nutrients Grow/Micro/Bloom + CalMag, all by 1 ml / L. It gives me 730-750 ppm. I'm trying to keep pH in 5.8-6.2.

Girls are slow, but looks well.







15 days from germination.

I'm happy to receive Mars Hydro FC-E3000, it is a huge upgrade for me. I am delighted with the build quality. Let's see how it works.


Girls looks good



I could not stop to grow and also planted tomatoes, hempy & soil. It will be my botanic experiment.
Looking very healthy!

Some call that a cabbage pheno. You can gently bend the larger fan leaves to expose the secondary growth tips to the light and they will respond.
Next week I'm going to start some LST
What nutrients u using for hempy? Looks like they eatin a lot N or there might be some excess tho
GHE Flora Series for "soft" water. Grow/Micro/Bloom + CalMag
Now it is 1.8 Grow / 1.2 Micro / 0.6 Bloom / 0.5 CalMag (ml/L) = 740 ppm, 5.8 pH.
I'm feed/flush once in 3 days.

And today I've moved lights 20" (50 cm) above canopy. It was too close to plants.

I couldn’t find a GH “soft water” line so I used what I have in my database (Flora Gro, Micro, Bloom) and I used CaliMagic since it’s also GH. If correct, your current dosing would provide:

120ppm N
24ppm P
136ppm K
105 Ca
37 Mg
2 Fe

If you’re doing this intuitively - well done! This is an excellent mid-veg mix.
@FelipeBlu is she going to bloom?

How is it possible?

She is 28 days old, about 30 cm (1') tall. Day/night 20/4. It was a couple of power outages during this month, but not more than one hour. It shouldn't be too stressful for the plants.

According to seed bank info Amnesia Haze Automatic

Indoors, she will take around 80–85 days to mature from seed to bud. In this time, she can grow quite large for an auto, reaching heights between 50–100cm. This is a clear indication of her sativa genetics—tall plants, large, thin leaves, and long buds.



is she going to bloom?

How is it possible?
Hi neiro!

She’s looking terrific! Are you concerned that she might be small? She will stretch out during the beginning of stretch and will likely be about double her size.

BTW, autos aren’t bothered by fluctuations in their light period.
24 days old, bushy girls

My current nutrition: 2 Grow / 2 Micro / 1 Bloom / 1 CalMag x ml/1L
It gives me 5.9 pH & 1070 TDS, I don't know the conversion to EC, and if smthg goes wrong I'll flush, God Bless Hempy buckets
I have to switch to day dry / day feeding schedule. They drink a lot.



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