Brian420pm 3rd Grow Aug 2020: Blue Dream, GG4, Gelato

Veg Week #6 (43 days from seed):

The Blue Dreams in the front are looking sad, very droopy, but the ones in the back, the GG4s, are perked up and happy. Except for the genetics everything is identical. EC has been a little low, 1.0, so I upped it to 1.3 a couple days ago and didn't seem to improve. My runoff EC is just a little higher, nothing wrong there. I tried a manual feeding about 1/2 hr before lights out tonight and that didn't help. I changed the light a couple days ago, went from a 1500w blurple LED to the Mars Hydro 2000, perhaps a shock from the new light? I just set it down to 75%.


This is my third grow, using GH Flora at 50%, first two grows went really well. I went from coco/perlite 70/30 to 50/50 this grow because I had a major spike in EC during flower so I figured I could up the perlite to prevent that. For the first 30 days or so I was feeding 4-5 times a day, for the last week I went to 3 times a day thinking the droopies were caused by too much feeding. Feeling the outside of the fabric pots only the bottom inch or so is moist. The coco on the top is hardly moist... I have a slow stream coming into the drip trays for 1 minute each feeding, so the water is not spread out across the surface very well.

I'm thinking these are the possible causes...

- too much perlite... the nutes aren't hanging around long enough to uptake into the roots, and I use yucca powder as a wetting agent, so the nutes flow through pretty quick.

- light shock

- the nutes are not dripping into the pots evenly so only one area has a good supply
Any help would be appreciated! Perhaps it's common for different strains to show such differences? Thanks!

(44 days from seed):


A little better today... since I changed both the light intensity and the feeding frequency it may be hard to determine which was problematic lol that's the problem with fixing multiple issues at one
I have some 6" drip hose coming today, I'll fashion some drip rings that hook into the 1/4" lines and try to get more even nutrient distribution across the top of the pots.
Veg Week #6 (45 days from seed):

They've recovered from the issues a few days ago and growing like crazy, I upped the feedings to every 7 hours, dimmed the lights to 75% and made some proper drip rings so the entire pot gets soaked evenly when fed.

Last haircut before switching to flower in 5 days. Before:


After haircut:


This picture shows the new drip rings, they work great! I simply bought some 1/4" tubing and 1/4" tees, then cut to length and drilled some holes along the bottom side of the tubing, held in place with garden staples. If I settle on this method I'll do it again for next grow but use black instead of clear so algae will not grow inside the tubes from the nutes being exposed to light.


The three Blue Dream plants have a blanket of root growth out the bottom of the pots, amazing! The GG4's for whatever reason are not as developed.
Someone mentioned to me elsewhere about the variegated look of the leaves on these plants. I responded...

" Yeah she is showing a little wear and tear and recovering from an early OD on silicon and some recent light burn. She's still a little tense from all that, which expresses itself in the spaces between the leaf veins, which buckle a bit and cast longer shadows. "

Interesting in the differences between the Blue Dream and GG4... the Blue Dream has roots pouring out the bottom of the fabric pots and much larger stems and branches.

Maybe I should isolate these genetics and do some speriments? Or just keep the party going and invite in others? :)
We hear everywhere, grow what works for you.

Most likely the reason "Blue Dream has roots pouring out the bottom of the fabric pots and much larger stems and branches", is because this strain, during this grow, is responding to very specific environmental conditions. This exceptional growth was NOT witnessed on GG4 plants grown with them. GG4 may be a later bloomer and ideal for another set of conditions, but the Blue Dream seems an IDEAL match for me.

It's a relationship of care... you provide and they appreciate. Each unique genetic expression has it's own personality and it's our job to find compatible members to join the family :) That works for me! :)
Veg Week #6 (46 days from seed):

The Blue Dreams in the foreground have twice the stem size as the GG4's in the back, wow!



And the Blue Dreams have roots-a-poppin out the bottom!


These Blue Dreams seem so PERFECT for my growing conditions I bet I could fill this 5 x 5 tent with 4 of them in 7 or 10 gallon pots. Something to consider for next grow.
Flower Week #3 (66 days from seed):

There is a monster in our midst! hehe Look at this Blue Dream from Nirvana Seeds... just amazing. 1 1/8" inch across at the base. I may grow 4 of these in 5 gallon pots next grow.



Everything going well. The humidity in the tent sometimes goes above 70. I expect the ambient RH to drop as we go into fall but as the plants fill the tent that may go higher, may have to get a dehumidifier soon.




The GG4s flower development is about a week ahead of the Blue Dreams, so I will probably harvest those first... time will tell!
Flower Week #6 (85 days from seed):

One month to go! :) The GG4s are really stacking the flower nicely, no space at all between nodes.



The Blue Dreams have thicker branches and longer spaces between the buds, hopefully that will fill in soon. This strain grew so aggressively early on and filled up the 3 gallon pots with roots, perhaps they are a better fit with an outside grow or larger pots... will be interesting to compare yields when all said and done.

Flower Week #9 (106 days from seed):

Flushing with dechlorinated tap at 6 PH for 3 days, then will withhold feeding and lights for 3 days, then chop. I'll save the monster Blue Dream and put her in the veg tent, maybe get some cuttings down the road.



Trichomes are cloudy so in two weeks they should be perfect ;)
(one week until chop, then 5 days drying)

Flower Week #9 (107 days from seed):

Chop day! Because of the stress induced from the over trimming a few weeks ago, one of the Blue Dreams was starting to hermie (grow pollen sacs to self germinate). I caught it early and had to chop today instead of next week... not ideal but the trichs are cloudy so the harvest should still be OK.

Here is one of the Blue Dreams before chop, what a purdy girl!


Here are the 3 Blue Dreams after chop and after removing fan leaves, note the monster in the middle :)


Here are the three GG4s...


Nice buds on one of the GG4s, woo!


To the tent now for 5 days of drying.
After 4 days of drying the buds were 53% RH in a jar, a little low, so next time will turn down the tent fan so the drying takes a couple days longer.

I trimmed the three GG4s, pretty buds!


...but not a terrific yield. 4, 3 and 2 oz each. My over trimming error in week 5 of flower is part to blame, but because the trunks are so thin and yield was low I'm thinking the genetics aren't the best or this strain is not compatible with my grow techniques.

I'll trim the Blue Dreams tomorrow, and since they are so much bigger I expect better yield in comparison.
Done trimming the three Blue Dreams, as expected yield was lower than it should be, 3, 2 and 2 oz. Total yield for the 6 plants will be around a pound.

My patients will be happy, I trimmed off the sugar leaves this grow :)

Look at this beauty Blue Dream...




A few days of curing then I'll decide what to use for extracts and what to keep as flower.

Another grow under my belt, LOVED the experience!
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