Brian420pm's 2nd Grow Dec 2019: Indoor, Blue Dream & Cherry Pie


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For grow #2 from seed I'll be trying 2 plants each of Blue Dream from Nirvana and Cherry Pie from Home Grown Cannabis Company.

I chose these two strains because they are both popular AND have high myrcene content. I've learned that Moroccan hash was found to have a high level of a compound called hasishene, which is myrcene degraded by UV light, so I'll arrange some experiments at some point in the dry/cure stage where I'll expose the cannabis to varying amounts of UV light and see how it affects the high. The theory is that the mellow nature of Moroccan hash can be attributed to this process.

Growing in coco with 30-40% perlite, all I rinsed through a colander and cal-mag buffered. I'll be using GH Flora series at 50%.

For the first few weeks until my first grow is complete and my larger tent is free, they'll be in a 2 x 2 x 4 tent with a 135w full spectrum LED.

5 of 6 popped in the first 24 hrs...


4 days old and look at this outlier!


She's only 4 days old, 3.5" long including the tap root ALREADY out the bottom of the peat pod, first set of true leaves spread and ready for 24hr light. Putting her in a 5" pot tomorrow, before that tap root air prunes. The root is touching a little water overnight so hopefully I didn't wait too long. I want that tap root to get to the bottom of the next 5" pot. My last grow I started in 2" pots, which I think produced too small a tap root. Look up "TapRoot4inchRule" on youtube to learn more.


Caught my by surprise to say the least! I'll be putting the small tent together tomorrow and mixing up seedling nutes.

Thanks for following!
Seems to be a comedy of errors around here lately! UGH

Most of my seeds are gone from a mold outbreak... I didn't clean the tweezers I used to put them in the peat pods. :(

I started the last 2 Cherry Pie seeds and forgot to take the plate with moist paper towels and seeds off the heating pad and didn't put a cover over them... all was bone dry in the morning DUH!

Remoistened the dry Cherry Pie seeds and added the last Blue Dream seed, the last of the seeds I have, and will try again sighhhh

In the meantime I have a couple still going. This monster Blue Dream that's a week old today. It shows a little canoeing at the leaf edges so will raise the light a couple inches.


..and this little Blue Dream that looks small but OK...


Maybe I'll make it out of this stage and have 4 plants, finger's crossed! hehe
I'm completely cursed... BD #3 that is pictured in the last post, I picked up the pod to see if the root was peeking out yet, dropped it and snapped the plant at the base. All I can do is sink it back in the peat and keep it moist, probably a goner :(

I got 2 Cherry Pie seeds in peat pods right now doing OK,



1 Blue Dream seed in a moist paper towel looking ready to put in a pod tomorrow,

1 Blue Dream with a HUGE head start working on node #2 doing well in the tent.


looks like an outbreak of green moss.

From reading elsewhere it's algae and treating with hydrogen peroxide and shielding the dirt from light until it goes away will fix it, but the stem is now darkening and leaves yellowing, so it's probably too late... learned a lesson for next time, when you see it, FIX it!
Veg Week #1

I barely made it with any plants to grow! I settled on two plants in a 2 x 2 tent space. I'm downsizing major from my 4 x 8 tent! My 420 eyes were MUCH bigger than my ultimate reality :)

I lost the seedling that snapped in two when I dropped it (not pictured). The one in the upper right is the one that grew REALLY fast and got overtaken with algae... it's a goner. The other smallest one is just a runt, so that leaves 2... one Blue Dream and one Cherry Pie... the last girls standing from 10 seeds YIKES! lol


One of the two keepers has some cal deficiency curl on the first node leaves, but the leaves on nodes 2 and 3 are good.

Here's to 2020 and better fortune!

<edit> An inspection of the two I scrapped here show no roots, so I'm thinking the idea of going to the larger 5" pot directly after the peat pods and feeding once a day maybe dried out the roots and didn't give them a good enough start. Switching to twice a day feeding now. Also, I didn't have a fan in this tent (one coming tomorrow!), so the stale warm air is probably contributing to the algae problem.
From the pictures the starting pods look kinda wet.I just spray the outsides and bottom when they start to get dry.I don`t use any heat pads,anywhere from 68-83 degrees should be ok.My first grow I should have gently removed the netting on the pods when transplanting to first pot.
Veg Week #1 Update:

One week in the 5" pots and the roots are ALREADY pouring out the bottom.. UGH why does EVERYTHING creep up so damn fast lol Gotta get some pots ready!


Ahhh, the leaves are praying like they should be :)

0103201743 (1).jpg

Added a fan in the tent today, the algae is back, will spray now with 1 to 1 3% h2o2 and water.
Veg Week #2 Update:

Feeding twice a day now, 50% GH Flora series, 1.1 EC, ph 6.8-7.2. 80F at leaf tops, 60% RH.

The Cherry Pie was working on node #4 so I topped it above #3. Will train out the 6 resulting lateral branches with three grow points each for 18 bud sites, that's the plan anyway!

I'm amazed it could be topped at only 20 days from seed!


The Blue Dream isn't doing as well, looks like node #1 isn't going to make it... not sure what is going on... any suggestions? Since node 1 looks to be dying off will wait to top until another node comes in.

Veg Week #3:

Repotted to 3 gallon fabric. The root systems not very developed, so going to 5" pots directly from peat pods I think was a problem, I'll go to dixie cups next grow. The algae problem set me back I'm sure. The lower two nodes on the Cherry Pie are not looking good, so didn't top it yet. The Blue Dream is doing pretty good.

0110202134 (1).jpg

Hopefully they will rebound in their new digs!
Veg Week #3 Update:

It seems that yellowing of lower leaves is a classic sign of nitro deficiency, and it just so happens the nutrient that increases dose in week 3 from GH Hydro series is the one highest in Nitrogen. I'm thinking because the roots didn't get a good start I should have increased the nutes sooner to compensate.

Interesting game this growing thing is :)
I saw a news report about UV light from a cannabis farm lighting up the night skies developing a purple glow that had alarmed citizens contacting the authorities. The thought that came to mind was Brian sperimenting again. LOL

Keep sperimenting my brother!
We need sharp minds around here.
Veg Week #3 Update:

The newer leaves are praying really good, so I think we're in a safe place now.



I'll snip those lower leaves tomorrow.

Here is my new auto feed drain to waste system in my new 2 x 4 tent, like the third type I've tried and getting better each time :) This one is easy peasy and works great. The black hose leads to a 15 gallon nutrient bucket with a pump in it, on a timer.



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