Savory's 5x5 Cherry Pie Grow Tent

Its been about an year since my last grow. Adding a few major improvements and definetely stepping it up a bit this time around.

Heres what im planning out.

-10-16 Cherry Pie Clones in 3 gallon pots.

-5x5 Grow Tent purchased off Amazon $110+shipping
-400w MH/HPS bulb
-240w Blackstar LED
-CAP 435 CFM 6" Fan
-CANLITE Carbon Filter 6"x24" 600CFM
- CAP Fan Speed Control
-Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil
-Fox Farm line of nutrients w/ added supplements. (Bat guano/ humus nutrients/ molasses)

Planning on doing about 12 Tahoe OG clones in 3 gallon pots.

Lighting will be interesting with two different wattage lights especially since one is LED. Wish i had 2 400w but oh well.

Any ideas, suggestions, concerns, input, anything i missed, let me hear it!

Pictures coming soon! Within the week!
Small Change of Plans. Now running 13 Cherry Pie! OGxGDPxDURBAN POISON.

Also a few of the parts i originally listed arent the same brand i said they were.

Enough talk. Heres photos, Im aware that the light in this photo is a little high, i already lowered it to 24"

Nice work, are you happy with your cheapy tent and Darkstar led light?

Peace to the patients,

Yah the tent gets the jobs done and hasnt been a hassle, convenient vent holes, structure is a little weak.

The Blackstar LED works well! this 240w model definetely does a good job for veg, however im not trusting it for when i switch to flower soon.

Might install it sideways for supplemetal lighting!

Just to let you all know Cherry Pie is an exlusive Bay Area strain. Its genetics are (OGxDurban PoisonxGDP). If you've ever heard of the infamous strain Girl Scout Cookies (OGxDurban PoisonxCherry Pie) this is one of the strains that goes into it. With that being said, this strain doesnt come around too often and i'm fortunate to have my hands on it.

Pic update soon.

Showing great progress. Switched around the setup inside the tent. I feel this configuration is better for the inline fan/carbon filter and heat/air flow?

Plants about 10"-12". Need them atleast to 18" before i flower! Hopefully they grow half a foot in a week! haa.

Found small spot of mildew on a leaf, so i applied SaferGro Mildew Cure Foliar Spray.

Continuing to feed with Fox Farms Grow Big.

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