CT’s Tent


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Hello all, thanks for your interest.
This is my indoor tent 32x32x63. I am filling it up with some photo period plants. I got a good deal on discounted seeds from Seedsman. I will be trying Garden of Green seeds. I have five Super Skunk Kush seeds currently in Promix CC, fertilizing with FF trio. Running a 135 QB led and another 135 watts of cheap led boards full spectrum 3500K. Also from GOG seeds I have, Amnesia Lemon pie, Cali bay dream, Larry’s Lemon og. And Blue Cheese from Barney’s.
Hopefully I produce something good...
They’re citrus trees, lemon, lime and calamondin. I just like them. They are hard to keep perfect, and let you know if they’re hungry. Right now it looks like it’s missing iron, manganese, boron perhaps.
The blooms and foliage is produces is my favorite scent.
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