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Winter Hash


Plant of the Month: May 2022
it's time to make some winter hash. anybody else got winter blues , now is the best time for winter hash
all you need is -30 c degrees, a 100 micron nylon strainer bag, and a garbage bag
just like having a walk in freezer :D

put all your leaf, larf or popcorn bud in the nylon bag then put that in the garbage bag
leave outside in -30 c for 4 hours, hold strainer bag with garbage wrapped around & shake for 5-10 min
( probably closer to 5 min It's d*m cold outside )
go inside, pour out all your beautiful trichomes & press into hash
you can shake it a couple of times

Hash in minutes, No fuss, no mess
When life gives you lemons (or in this case freezing cold) , take advantage
Why should I waste my money on dry ice or mess with ice water


Plant of the Month: May 2022
Did my shake last night, got quite a nice return
now to stick it all together



Plant of the Month: May 2022
WINTER HASH!!!!!! When it gets that cold all I've been doing is feeding the wood to the stove and making dry sift with screens. Got me feeling like a dumb %&"* way out in left field! I missed it all together, what a great idea. Thanks.
hi odjob, you're welcome. this is also a great time to make honey oil
after sifting there's always still some left
I like the fact that my alcohol never warms up, while I'm filtering in the sub zero temperatures
helping to keep the plant waxes out of my honey oil

here's a picture of my hash pressed into blocks



Plant of the Month: May 2022
Did a shake on all my trim from last year, temps hit a bone chilling -38 c last night
As you can see my third shake didn't result in very much, but it shows me it's mostly trichomes that are getting through the 100 micron bag & not plant material . By the third shake the leaves are getting lot more busted up

easy as can be, took only a few minutes and less than $10 .
Glad I didn't waste my money on bubble bags :D

I will now wash w/ alcohol, the trim to see how much resin is left
Also have some bud material, I didn't care for straining right now, in the -30 weather




Photo of the Month: Oct 2018
enjoy that friend,, i do mine,, i have some critical purple kush to do that with,, it is yummy to the max,, so much flavour,,

happy new year indeed


Plant of the Month: May 2022
And here we have big leaf sift turned into a ball of hash
I start by setting my ss steamer pan on the wood stove, with a razor blade keep moving the pile around ,keeping it on the thinner side , so all the sift warms evenly .
When it starts to melt & stick to the pan scrape it off. Push into the corner & with gloved hand start kneading it like dough . when it feels like it is sticky enough Squeeze into a ball
allow to cool, wrap in plastic wrap

If you want darker & sticker hash apply more Heat , but the more heat you apply you start to lose some THC from vaporization





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