Homemade multi-screen dry-sift system


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Alright, this is my first post. I've been thinking of building a dry-sift system with several screens of different meshes to separate different grades of hash. I'd like it to be able to combine multiple hash extraction techniques: dry ice and a drill with a mixer attachment. I want to model the 8-bag bubble bag system for my mesh sizes. Should I have the largest mesh size loose or taut? Should I skip the mixer attachment and just make a cover for the top portion to shake the dry ice and and plant matter around? Should the system be large or small? Should I use metal mesh or nylon mesh? Where should I start?

Forgive me for all the questions, I'm really wanting bubble without washing away all the flavorful, water-soluble terpenes with a bubble bag-type system.
Hi there Tengukashi... I have a really nice dry sift system called the Wikka box (I believe they recently began changing their branding to RYOT). This is a great little wooden box with a 110 micron screen in it. It comes with three pieces that magnetize together, a top, the middle section with screen that holds the herb and the bottom that has glass like surface for kief collection. I do believe it would be possible to construct a system that has a few more middle sections with varying micron screens to collect different grades of kief. Hope this helps some and wasn't too confusing.
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