1. Zimbo 63

    My very budget grow room

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and I've introduced myself, so now I'll go on to talk about my setup which cost about $50 to build... My "tent" is a wooden structure (w) 80 cm x (l) 1m x (h) 1.5 m - the dimensions were chosen so that it will fit through a std. door. I closed it with materials...
  2. 878E69A1-E294-494F-82DA-2D4ADB5DD82F.jpeg


    GG4 X ATF is first to push true!
  3. D

    Homemade DWC auto top up

  4. S

    LED vs CFL Bulbs

    i wonder the wattage and distance from youth to harvest and getting light to lower parts of blooms with led
  5. T

    Crop King Seeds Green Crack

    Hey fellas , can some of you show me a.pic of your green crack from.crop king seeds in its 8/9/10 weeks of flower . My first time growing this strain . Its just for comparison , Just finshed up white cookies , crown royale and white widow , top quality smoke indeed .9 weeks on the nose...
  6. punkxdontdie

    Homemade LED Grow Light & Drip System Journal

    Hi guys. I just finished my last grow with a decent success of a little under 2oz under a 96w homemade led with 1 plant. In this journal I'll be running a unknown indica bag seed. First I will start off with the 96w led for veg and move to the 180w led that im almost done with for the...
  7. ChronicMonkey

    Homemade compost

    Hey there I'm gonna go check out my local nursery today to see what growing medium they have but i also make my own compost in the back. Can i use this to grow with? Like mix this with other growing soil or just the compost. I have read that homemade compost might have too high nutrient...
  8. BlazingBill

    Homemade cloner got wrong misters

    Will 90deg misters work in a homemade cloner? I know everyone uses 360 misters, but I screwed the pooch on this one and accidentally ordered the 90's Its gonna look like this one with a 18 Gal tote.
  9. P

    Does homemade co2 made of yeast, sugar, and water in a 2 litre bottle work?

    I seen youtube videos of how to make homemade co2 for grow tent's. Does this homemade co2 work and does it benefit plants at all ?
  10. H

    First Grow box, Am i doing it right?

    So i am posting here some pics of my first grow box. Bear in mind i am working on a really low budget and i am not going for a really good quality. In fact i don't expect anything, i am doing it mainly to start somewhere and get some experience so i can do something better in the future Feel...
  11. GoogleGenie

    GoogleGenie's First Grow - LED Hydro - Northern Light Blue & Fruity Chronic Juice

    Evening all, I decided to try a hydro grow of a few different strains. I'm a complete noob at this but have spent the last 2 weeks or so researching and preparing for it. From everything from germination to flowering. I didn't even know what germination was 2 weeks ago so be gentle with me :)...
  12. S

    Homemade Grow-Box - First Grow Ever!

    Started this grow on December 17th 2011 in a pc grow box i made. but then after three weeks i put together another grow set-up (if you even wanna call it that haha) in a old toy box i flipped on its side because i thought that'd i would deff run out of room in the pc grow box. the box has two...
  13. T

    Homemade multi-screen dry-sift system

    Alright, this is my first post. I've been thinking of building a dry-sift system with several screens of different meshes to separate different grades of hash. I'd like it to be able to combine multiple hash extraction techniques: dry ice and a drill with a mixer attachment. I want to model the...
  14. O

    Any ideas on how to create a carbon filter?

    I will begin by saying that this isn't for a grow operation. What I really would like to create is some sort of carbon filter for me to blow smoke through. My parents aren't too fond of the smell and I dislike smoking outside. I know activated carbon has incredible surface area on a microscopic...
  15. D

    Ice Water Vaping Question

    I have a homemade ice chamber I made for my Vape. It was all clean water and all that. After a few bowls I noticed some fine white particles in the water. Obviously it doesn't seem to be actual plant material as it's pure white, no tinge of green or any other colors. Anyone have any clue...
  16. Giovanni831

    Home Made Aero - Hindu Hash - CFL Grow

    I have a home made system using a Rubbermaid bin, sub pump, 1/2" PVC, with 360 degree sprayers. Since I live in an area where 6 mature, 12 immature is the limit. The setup that I currently have only has 4 because that was how many babies i had on hand when I went in for surgery. They have...
  17. Giovanni831


    accidentally double posted... sorry guys
  18. Blayzed

    Does a Homemade Yeast/Sugar Co2 Generator really increase yeild

    Hey everybody, Does anyone know if the homemade Yeast+Sugar+Water Co2 Generator really helps, and is it worth it? Increase Yield ? Anyone have maybe an experimental grow that can compare a plant that had the Homemade Co2 and one without, and see each's yield? Ex: Size of Generator, Size Room, #...
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