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Started this grow on December 17th 2011 in a pc grow box i made. but then after three weeks i put together another grow set-up (if you even wanna call it that haha) in a old toy box i flipped on its side because i thought that'd i would deff run out of room in the pc grow box. the box has two power strips on opposite walls attached with all sorts of shit (tape, glue, some adhesive shit) and i have three 13w CFl's plugged into those. i took the computer fans from the pc grow box and just taped them up in the corners for some circulation of air throughout this box. i currently have it running on 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness but for the first three weeks i had it on 24/0. This is just from a bagseed of some alright bud. i have never grown before but i have always wanted too. i was actually reluctant to start this thread cause my set-up here is quite pathetic but went for it anyways hoping for some helpful info from you all. Thanks for reading, please post anything that might help me in the grow.

peace, love and tie-dye ladies and gentlemen :thanks:
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Re: Homemade grow-box. First grow ever!

I love innovative builds like this. Count me in.

Is there anyway you can get you lights a bit closer, looks like you girl is stretching a bit there. Are you gonna go CFLs your entire grow?

Best of luck.

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How can i fix the stretching of my baby?
you beat me to my post, lol, you can move the lights closer, or when you re-pot her you can just bury part of the stem (I've had to do that).
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Put something under the plant to raise it up to the light....
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props my man! your doing your thing!! keep it up :)
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Alright will do, thanks OG. and im not sure yet if im going to just use CFL's i deffinetly want to get another one or two for veg and i was looking into something like a HPS for flowering but i was wondering if that would add a lot of heat to my box cause my ventilation system isn't very good as you can probably imagine haha. by the way i should probably get a thermometer in there
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I dig the box man, quite groovy, I too made my own. I seem to appreciate things alot more when I have to build them from scratch. I am also using a CFL for seedling/veg and I have another box to build and a 400w HPS to go along with it for flower. Keep up the gnarly work brother.
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Nice box man. It seems you are on a thin budget but making good use of what is at your disposal. Please let us know how things turn out cuz I got a shit ton of seeds from lower mid grade bud that I'm thinkin of taking for a nature walk in the spring. I'm of the belief that all seeds possess the potential to become what their parents could have become had they been cultivated right, so even the dirt brick weed could be a decent strain with a decent yield if I provide an optimal growing environment.
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Hello salty haha..... anyways so i decided to move the plant back into the pc grow box. its just more efficient i believe, the other box still needs quite a bit of work until its ready to house a plant. Most certainly needs more lighting and something like mylar would also help it. Along with maybe cutting two holes out of the back for the two fans so that they are actually bringing in new air and getting rid of the old.
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3 weeks 5 days, two bottom leaves or the first two big leaves that came in are kinda flopping down (one of them is resting on the side of the pot )and have a little discoloring on them. anything to be concerned of?

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mines not doing too well. deffinetely feel like i need a few high wattage bulbs
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How close do you have her to the cfl's, You would be surprised at how quickly the effectiveness of light needed buy the plant is deminished. Keep as much of the plant as close to your lights as possable, I usually keep the cfl (24w) about 5cm from the plant using lSt to allow bud sites closer access to the light.

I believe this is key if your going to use cfl's through the whole life of your girl!
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i keep her as close to the three cfls 13ws as possible 3-4 cm from the lights, if over watering what do i do? just let it drain out for a while?
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