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Finishing up the grow with curing in jars with the Boveda packs and burping jars, I made a couple of cobs just to try it out and I made a road trip to another city thanks to a friend of mine and scored 10 pounds of dry ice at a local grocery store. I paid 2 dollars a pound for it.

So here is the way I make it. I've read many ways to do this, I just try to keep it simple. I have 1 5 quart bucket, Micron bags - 1 gallon size, a large picture with a glass front, a credit card and small jars ( I use flip top ) and a hammer.

When I went to the store I brought my trusty insulated bag, Dry ice is about -110°F. When handling dry ice definitely use thick gloves.

Here is some pictures of the dry ice and work area.

I put the dry trimmings in the 5 qt bucket. I usually keep the sugar leaves, larfy buds in a jar and any leftover fan leaves and miscellaneous in separate jars. I always get the best hash from the sugar leaves and larfy buds. After the dry trimmings go in the bucket I bash the crap out of the dry ice blocks. I want mostly small pieces. I put a few handfuls in the bucket and start shaking and kinda flipping the green stuff on top of the white stuff and shake, shake, shake senora, oops sorry I was on a Beetle Guise train of thought, shake it for a long time and pour it all in the 73 micron bag and shake it onto the picture glass. Have your jar handy! Put th bag aside and let the dust sit for about 30-45 seconds to let any frost dry up. Then scrape the glass with a credit card and place the hash in a jar marked 73. Then kinda roll the contents of the bag around a bit and start shaking again. This is the good stuff and there usually isn't a whole lot of it. I shake in this bag like 5 times before I move on. See Pictures.

After I work through the 73, 90 and 160 micron bags I put whatever is leftover back in the bucket and add another jar of green stuff with more dry ice and shake, shake... You know the rest.

When you get finished you have some delightful hash. Occasionally my impatience shows, I did not let a small batch sit long enough and got some moisture in the hash. Don't put juicy hash in the jar, put it aside and dry it out, then put it in the jar. Scrape the bags and bucket and put anything in the 160 micron jar.
*** Note: you can use any size bag you want to. Your grow, Your circus! Do what makes you happy!

You can make pucks by compressing it, make oils, tinctures and if you really want to fire up you can make some Moon Rocks! Just want to chill with it sprinkle some goodness in a bowl or a joint. Just be careful this is like almost pure trichomes and will knock you on your butt usually.

From a lot of material you will only get a little bit. I'm going to save my 160 micron stuff, It has plant material in it, just the nature of the beast. I'm going to use it on the cobs I make from the next harvest.

Here's the finished stuff.

If you read this all the way to here thank you for looking in. Have a Green Day! ES
Hello GC. That's some fine looking hash. What micron did you use?
How much flower did u start with??

How much per each batch did u run

Is dry ice better results than regular ice

I had about 5 qts. to start with. I do 2 jars at a time. This method is easy and hash is very clean. I don't mind shaking the bags because I know I'll get lots of hash in the end. I'm going to try 25 micron on the first run next time.
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