Double Black From G13

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Strain Name - Double Black
From - Free Seed from Seedsman .
When - Jan 2018
Price - $49.33 pack of 5, USD
Type - Indica
Appearance - The color is a dark green with orange pistils
Smell - Fruity, Bubblegum,
Taste - Fruity, thick dense smoke, mostly heavy bong hits. I haven't rolled any cones yet.
Type of Buzz - It is a very spacey high, feels like you are floating for the first 1/2 hour and then you land comfortably into a zone to do some serious meditation.
Length of Buzz - Hours
Best Medicinal Use - Insomnia, pain relief, anti-anxiety
Overall -Black Domina from 1998 is a great strain. I will definitely be buying more seeds from Seedsman. The plants were very short although the description said 80cm - 100cm mine grew 24 inches and need a booster chair to be at canopy level. I vegged for 6 1/2 weeks. Next time I'll veg longer. Plant color is dark green to black-ish. It has a lot of large fan leaves, so trim liberally to keep the canopy open.

Double Black is one of those strains to have around when you just need something different. My first time growing this one and glad I did. I wanted something for an alternative to my normal meditation medicine. I found it for sure. Only downside the yield was not great but the smoke quality more than makes up for it!

A keeper! ES

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