Obi Wan Cannabinoid Presents - Jock vs Jack - A T5 - Hempy Grow Journal

Hard to believe that is just two plants, Obi Wan. How much are you shooting for in this grow?

This grow I am simply going for a successful harvest. I haven't set any expectations at all for dry weight this time. I would be quite happy with 2oz per plant on the average. I'd be ecstatic to get more and not surprised if it's less.

I haven't been following your feeding schedule. Seems like the girlies would be in the full strength range rather than half strength. Why for?

I'm following the GH feeding schedule. At 60% I am getting leaf tip burn. These two plants have surprised me with their low nutrient need for sure. They'd probably be a little greener if I feed sooner this week. We are about 25% of the way through flower and I'm not too concerned about the yellowing fans. From here forward I'm watching the flowers and sugar leaves.

The feeding schedule has been: feed feed water. I might try 3 feeds then water this time. We'll see how they look in a couple weeks.
Another thing worth mentioning is that these plants have stayed short. Especially for supposedly Sativa dominant hybrids. I'll get a measurement during the next photo shoot. But the last two grows I had my lamp all the way up to the carbon filter at the ceiling near the end of the grow. I still have 50% of my grow height available.

Seems weird. I hope they have a nice balanced head/body effect.
I checked on the plants last night. Buckets were still fairly heavy. I pulled about 10 dead fan leaves off of Jock and maybe 2 from Jack. Any dieing leaves that don't budge with gentle tug stay for another day.

I might vape a low level bud from one of the plants tonight just for fun. I really want to participate in the 420 community toke this evening.
Happy 420!

I clipped a tiny bud off of Jock to celebrate. I wasn't expecting much and was surprised to find it has taken me several hours to post this update, lol. Here is the tiny bud:

I forgot to post the bud.

Here is a few pics of the cab tonight. Lots of head room:

Hey Obi! Everything on your end is looking great! how many times did you top your girls? im just curious for when you do your final weights I just ordered a 5x5x6.5 grow tent today....180 shipped not a great brand but should do better than my homemade setup i was plotting. Figured if im gunna keep doing this i might as well have permanent setup :) plus i have 1000 mh and 1000 hps collecting dust.
Going ok here. Life has been extra busy. I lost a close family member to age and health very recently. I've been helping family where ever I can.

I've only been feeding the plants and picking off dead fan leaves lately. I have a couple pics to process but just haven't had the time.

Jock. I should never have sampled a flower. She already gives a 4 to 5 hour medicated buzz. It's nice. I've picked a couple more here and there to quiet my anxiety. I can hardly wait till she is finished maturing.

Jack. 1 to 2 hour buzz from a sample flower. About 30% strength compared to Jock. Jack has a long way to go yet.

I scoped Jock's trichomes. All clear still.

Thank you all for checking in. I will be back to more frequent updates soon.

Never been tempted to clip a popcorn bud or two and steal and early sample?!?!
You're much more resistant to temptation than I!
I havent even thought about it but after seeing this im looking at my girls who started making bud sites with my pruning scissors like >:)
Careful now... don't let that temptation overwhelm you.

Ya gotta dry it before you can smoke it, but you can vape it green.
I sometimes quick dry in my oven. Lowest setting possible (170 in my case). Cook it 'till it's dry. Usually takes about 3 hours in my world.
Don't tell anyone you quick dried... some consider it a sin.
As for myself, I've been a sinner for many a moon now.
I agree with you there i dont wanna affect ending yield but it would be nice to sample. So if i ever did i could clip it and pack it in my vape and im good to go?
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