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air flow

  1. Emilya

    To trim or not to trim, or LST gone wild

    Do you clean up your plants before going to flower? I have found it to be very beneficial to drastically clean up my plants and remove anything that will not make it to the maximum penetration level of my lights. It also makes sense to remove growth that will never really amount to much, but...
  2. G

    Newbie: Money isn't a problem - Noise is

    Hey, trying to set up premier conditions with the following: Up until a couple hours ago I had no flower tent and had an 8" fan (carbon filter + silencer) in there, but am going to return them because it sounds like a jet engine in there, even with the silencer. I know more air flow is...
  3. A

    Prep & Build Journal for Attic Indoor Grow - Using 400W HPS & Soil Medium

    Hello future friends and collaborators! I've become familiar with seeking needed information here, and excited to share my journey as I attempt my first indoor grow! Here are a few pics of the raw space I am dedicating for this adventure: Plan to have an enclosed structure...
  4. Budmaster LED

    Use a Dump Fan instead of Oscillating Fans

    Hi everyone We thought we would share this tip that we picked up off our friends from hydrotops. Many people use oscillating fans to move the air around in their grow room which is all well and good but oscillating fans will cause cellular damage to your plants, sometimes even to the point...
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