alaskan thunderfuck

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    Day 49
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    Day 42
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    Close up nug
  4. atf "femenized" male : dutch seed shop

    atf "femenized" male : dutch seed shop

    yeah... another batch of "femenized", from dutchy, with 60% males. no kiddin. wanna know what they did? nothin. common outcome for me, from them, in the END. U can see the disdain i treat hims with... I'm just going to use them, for the sex. atf is a personal fav, from when smoking still did it.
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    Cbd OG kush X Alaskan ThunderFuck
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    Alaskan ThunderFuck Ms Stank
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    Group pic right after the neem spray
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    Ms stank
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    Ms stank
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    Mr stank
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    Mr stank
  12. Van Stank

    1st Grow - Alaskan Thunderfuck x4 - Durban Poison - Blue Kush & Blueberry In Kindsoil

    Hey all!! Just started my first grow a little more than a week ago. I am growing (4) Alaskan Thunderfuck seeds (Regular seeds as the feminized were sold out....and I want at least 1 female), (1) Durban Poison, (1) Blue Kush, and (1) Blueberry (free seed). I am doing all them in a 4x4x6.5'...
  13. Kronnoisseur

    Kron's Spring 2011 Indoor Medical Grow

    This grow is mostly Blue Dream, Alaskan Thunderfuck, and San Diego Catpiss. All of the following strains are contained in this grow: Alaskan Thunderfuck, San Diego Catpiss, Pre-98 Bubba Kush, Cotton Candy Kush, Headband, Maui Wowie, Mr. Nice, Jack Herer, Diablo, Afghan, Afghan Kush, Blue...
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