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    Week one of flower - Advice on the stretch

    All plants are from feminized seed, 6. White widow 6. Purple kush 2. Sour diesel 1. 15% cbd "Remedy" All in 5 gal pots with a 50/50 mix of verma fire amd verma soil. Under 16, H.O. T5 bulbs and one 250watt led Using full line of 3 part emerald harvest nutes amd additives...
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    Watering issues and concerns - Advice?

    I have 15 plants 3 sour D, 7 white widow and 5 purple kush i transplanted them into their final home 4 gal pots 15 days ago today. I watered the day i transplanted them and then fed them last friday. I fed them normal strength bit i only gave them 1/2 a gallon per pot because they were still...
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    Large ph drop

    We would be interested in knowing possible causes why in a hydroponics system our ph is almost like clock work dropping from a ph of about 6.8 to about a 6.4 to 6.3 in about 12hrs and has been doing that for several day while EC amd PPM are fine...the plant still looks fine with no possible...